Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Vintage Keyboard Premium Voice Pack At Yamaha MusicSoft!

The Vintage Keyboard Premium Voice Packfor the Tyros4 is astounding in both the variety and accuracy of the sampled instruments. In addition to 30 voices, this pack includes 10 Styles, 16 Registrations, 3 Multi-Pads, and 2 Demo Songs. Keep reading to learn more about the inspiration for the Vintage Keyboard Pack, and the history of the instruments modeled to create one of the most complete collections of vintage keyboard tones.

The WurliEP voice is just as responsive as the instrument it was modeled after. The bright end of this voice is perfect for that late 70's pop sound made famous by groups like the Carpenters and Supertramp. For a little variation, you can try the WurliAmp voice, which offers a warmer, richer tone. Play either voice with a little more intensity on the keys, and you can get the sound to "break up", and give you that sweet "buzz" quality in the bass. Check out the video below from 1979!

There's also a handful of awesome Clav voices, making it easy to layer funky keyboard licks on a recording. Since the Clav is so bright, it really cuts through live mixes. In this pack you can choose between muted (ClavMute), phased (ClaviPhaser), auto-wah (ClaviTouchWah) or my personal favorite: ClaviStereo! Mix and match or use them all! Check out this video for inspiration!

And what Vintage Keyboard collection would be complete without a selection of tine-based electro-mechanical voices? This pack features 10 variations of classic and instantly recognizable electric piano tones. Divided into 2 significant production periods in the 70's this section of the pack offers a LOT of diversity. This type of electo-mechanical piano sound was (and is) used by musicians ranging from Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea to Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Jamiroquai, Radiohead and more! Check out the video below for a classic example:

From the 1980's we have spot on samples from two of Yamaha's most famous keyboard instruments: the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer and the CP80 electric piano. In the Vintage Keyboard Pack there are 10 variations sampled from the DX7, that will give you all the tools you need to reproduce world famous tones that inspired and carried tunes like "After All" by Al Jarreau and "Hard Habit To Break" by Chicago.

The CP-80 is an "electo-acoustic" piano, featuring actual piano strings but no sound board. Instead the vibration of the strings is converted to electrical signals by a sophisticated pick-up system. The CP-70 was a slightly smaller version of this electric piano, and was used by everyone from Hall & Oates to Led Zeppelin as a standard touring piano. Check out Jazz and R&B legend George Duke tearing into a Yamaha CP70, and know that you'll have that sound in three CP80 Premium Voices included in this pack!

Visit the Yamaha Tyros YouTube channel to watch the official Vintage Keyboard Pack voice demonstration videos. The Vintage Keyboard Premium Pack and all other Premium Voices are available exclusively from Yamaha MusicSoft.