Monday, May 16, 2011

New PianoSoft! The Chopin Ballades Performed By Gergely Boganyi!

The Newport Music Festival is an annual Classical music festival that takes place in Newport, Rhode Island, in July. Each year the festival invites world class performers and competition winning artists to perform well known works from the world's greatest composers, as well works that are lesser known, or have been lost or forgotten over time. One of the focal points of the Newport Music Festival is to keep Classical music alive.

Each year, the Festival chooses one (or more) of the great composers from the world of Classical music to be their featured artist. In 2010, the featured composer was Frederic Chopin. The festival curates a performance of nearly every piano solo piece, every chamber piece, and every vocal piece written by the featured composer. Usually the featured composer's catalog is divided between anywhere from 12 to 20 pianists, however in 2010, the Festival did something a little different...

Virtuoso pianist Gergely Boganyi performed every one of Chopin's solo compositions himself! That's over 200 works, and makes this even more incredible is the fact that Boganyi performed them all from memory!
The Chopin Ballades were performed on the first day of the festival at The Elms. A Disklavier DC7 Mark IV Pro was used to capture and record these performances! Now you can experience this performance note-for-note in your home using your Yamaha Disklavier, Keyboard, or Clavinova! Check out some samples below of what you can expect in the PianoSoft Solo collection: The Chopin Ballades: The Newport Music Festival 2010

Ballade No.1 in G Minor, op.23

Ballade No.4 in F Minor, op.52

Yamaha has been the offical piano of the Newport Music Festival for nearly 25 years! The Chopin Ballades performed by Gergely Boganyi is available exclusively from Yamaha Musicsoft!