Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The 80's Are Electric With New Yamaha Premium Styles!

The 1980's saw the birth of MTV, the reinvention and emergence of pop superstars like Michael Jackson and Madonna, and a genre that could only be defined as Teen Pop. Where the 70's left us with large orchestral productions of Disco music, the 80's nurtured a new sound that relied largely on synthetic instruments and electronic sounds, found in synthesizers and MIDI keyboard instruments that were developing throughout the decade.

Independent record labels were popping up everywhere, giving more artistic freedom to the Alternative Rock groups in the 80's. College Radio was playing a bigger role than ever in bringing underground rock to the masses, which at the time was influenced heavily by the rock music and production techniques of the 1960's. Here is where the term Roots Rock was coined. Roots Rock (or "Cow Rock") artists were rallying against the slick, poppy production of Synth Pop and New Wave music by returning to the "roots of 1950's and 60's rock and roll. Notable acts to emerge from this movement include John Mellencamp, Chris Issak, and Steve Earle. This style eventually trickled into the 1990's and beyond influencing bands like Son Volt and Wilco.

This week's new Yamaha Premium Styles offer something for both sides of the coin, whether it's the Synth Pop stylings of Human League and A-ha or something a bit more Rock And Roll, you'll find it exclusively at Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection.

80's Synth Pop
SynthPop took shape in the late 70's and early 80's as a sub genre of the New Wave movement, due to the introduction and commercial acceptance of electronic instruments.This style features a classic driving eletronic 16 beat, synth strings, and muted synth bass, that bring to mind SynthPop groups such as The Human League, Erasure, Depeche Mode, and the Thompson Twins.

80s Root Rock 2
80s RootRock2 is a versatile style with a strong backbeat in 4/4 time. It was inspired by the 80's rock classic "Simply The Best", but works great for any I, IV, V song structure. Featured lead voices include rock saxophone and a soaring rock guitar!