Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Premium Voice Pack : Entertainer!

We are pleased to announce the release of the new Entertainer Premium Voice Pack! The pack features 30 new voices, including 4 Super Articulation2 voices for the Tyros4 arranger/workstation. Like all Premium Packs and Voices, the new Entertainer Pack was created by Yamaha to the exacting standards of the voices that are factory-installed in the Tyros4.

The Entertainer Pack and all other Premium Packs and Voices are available exclusively at Yamaha MusicSoft.This pack is a must have for any entertainer playing Carnival, Schlager, or Oktoberfest music. The Entertainer Pack is the perfect solution for all entertainers, duos or bands, providing an array of sounds synonymous with the typical
musical genres of Germany and neighboring Alpine nations.

From the Jodeling vocals of the Alps to the party music of Karnival, Oktoberfest and Apri-Ski, the Entertainer Pack provides the perfect set of tools to increase the professionalism and authenticity of performances.

The Entertainer Pack includes several bright and percussive lead sounds ranging from innovative Jodel voices to a variety of stellar Sound FX ideal for live performance. This pack also includes essential Wire and Bell leads sampled from Yamaha’s legendary SY99 synthesizer.

Installing the Premium Packs and Voices on the Tyros4 can be done with one simple touch of a button. To use new voices, though, you will need to install expansion flash memory on the Tyros4. The Yamaha FL102M and FL512M memory expansions are available from Yamaha dealers both in your area and on the web. For more information about installation, see our directions on Yamaha MusicSoft here.