Friday, March 25, 2011

NEW: The French Composer Channel On Yamaha's Piano Radio!

Since the seventeenth century, the influence of French and particularly Parisian culture could be found throughout Europe, eventually spreading to the far corners of the world in the nineteenth century. France has played an important role in the development of modern cinema, fashion, music, and cuisine, not to mention the country is more or less synonymous with romance.

We are pleased to introduce a brand new channel to Yamaha's Piano Radio service:
The French Composer Channel. The new channel features popular classical works from Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel, who are considered to be the two "great" composers from the Impressionist period of the early 20th century. Beginning today, you can enjoy this timeless music in your home, playing on your world class Yamaha instrument, whenever you feel like listening! If you have never connected your instrument to the Piano Radio service, it's never been easier! Just visit our new Connection Guide and you can be enjoying Piano Radio in just minutes!

Here are some examples of the beautiful piano arrangements that have been included in the new French Composer's Channel on Yamaha's Piano Radio:

Performed by Sara Davis Buechner on the PianoSoft Collection "French Miniatures"

Clair de Lune
As performed by Bryan Pezzone on the PianoSoft Collection "Debussy Piano Works"