Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Introducing: The Learn & Master Piano Course from Legacy Learning Systems!

We are proud to offer the new Learn & Master Piano Course from Legacy Learning Systems at Yamaha MusicSoft! This course is absolutely perfect for any beginner, intermediate, or advanced player who wants to further their skills as a pianist.

Learn & Master Piano includes 10 DVD lesson discs, 5 play along audio CDs, as well as a comprehensive, easy to follow lesson book to guide you through all 28 lessons at your own pace. In addition, you also have access to an additional downloadable lesson book and the online student support community! As you progress through the course , you will receive video emails from the book's author Will Barrow, to give you additional pointers.

We offer a lot of lesson content at Yamaha MusicSoft, but this is the first complete master course for all skill levels. Learn & Master Piano is the next best thing to private, in-home instruction, and at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you can control your level of commitment, practicing when you have the time, and moving on when you're ready!

This course is designed to keep students interested by providing reachable goals in each session that give the student a sense of accomplishment. The student begins by learning the basics such as:

&bull The Notes On The Keyboard
&bull Major Chords and Bass Notes
&bull Minor Chords
&bull How To Use The Sustain Pedal

And this is just the first 4 lessons! At this point, you'll be ready to play most Pop or Rock songs with confidence.

Each lesson has sheet music, exercises, and references to "play along" audio tracks on the included Audio CDs. This gives the student the opportunity to play learned material in a variety of interesting and fun ways!

Intermediate players can brush up on the basics, or move right on to more advanced concepts including:

&bull Arpeggios and Triplets
&bull Major 7th Chords and Sixteenth Notes
&bull Blues Concepts (Dominant Seventh Chords)
&bull 12 Bar Blues

These lessons will build upon the basics you've already learned to give you more musical tools on the piano. The student will learn everything needed to play the Blues like a pro, while getting familiar with concepts for more advanced piano playing such as Boogie-Woogie and Syncopated Rhythms.

The more advanced pianist can jump right into complex "walking" bass lines. The left hand will get stronger and stronger toward the end of the course, with specific focus on moving bass lines and grace notes. You'll find dedicated lessons on the following ideas:

&bull Suspended Chords and Harmony
&bull Modern Pop Piano and Major 2 Chords
&bull The Blues Scale and Sixth Chords
&bull Ragtime and Stride Piano
&bull Jazz and Hot & Cool Piano
&bull Vocal Accompaniment

By the end of this course, you'll be playing ragtime and stride piano with ease, and have a firm understanding of some Jazz concepts such as swing phrasing, chord voicing and improvisation.

Check out the video below from Learn & Master Piano's author Will Barrow:

There is one thing really stands out in Legacy's Learn & Master Piano Course that sets it apart from all others: It's really easy and fun to work through. You won't find page after page of tiny transcriptions, and music theory is not forced upon the student in a traditional, stuffy manner. Here the focus is on helping the student learn enough to start playing and having fun with the piano right away. Combining interactive tools, DVD, Audio, and supplemental workshops, this is hands down the most complete piano course available today.

The Learn & Master Piano Course and the Bonus Workshop DVD's are now available from Yamaha MusicSoft.