Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All Yamaha Premium Packs And Voices Are 20% Through March 20th!!

For a limited time, all Yamaha Premium Packs and Voices have been discounted 20% on Yamaha MusicSoft. Yamaha Premium Voices are created to the exacting standards of the factory installed voices already in your Tyros4! When you install Yamaha Premium Voices into your Tyros4, you are making a significant upgrade to the instrument, and adding an arsenal of top notch Voices to the world's best Arranger/Workstation.

Premium Packs and Voices that are now on sale:

Vintage Keyboard Pack
Included in the pack are a variety of voices which simulate classic electronic piano sounds. The unique sounds of these pianos were a result of their particular construction, in which metal tines or reeds were struck by hammers, with the sound then amplified by electromagnetic pickups.
In the Vintage Keyboard pack, Yamaha has created voices which masterfully emulate both the reed and tine variations of these ‘electro-mechanical’ electronic pianos.

In addition to the recreation of these well known electric piano sounds, this pack includes voices from two of Yamaha’s most popular keyboard models, the legendary Yamaha “DX7” and “CP80”.

SA2 Tenor Saxophones
With the new expansion, you get two great Sax sounds: the SA2 Pop Tenor Saxophone Voice is ideally suited for pop ballads and standards while the character of the SA2 Funk Tenor Saxophone Voice is a slightly harder and dirtier, making it great for jazz and funk music where you want the lead saxophone to really scream

SA2 Alto Saxophones
With this expansion, you get two great Sax sounds: the SA2 Pop Alto Saxophone voice lends itself to pop and jazz standards and is great for playing lead melodies. The SA2 Funk Alto Saxophone voice has a very dynamic sound - if you play softly it is clean and smooth, but play harder and you can really hear it growl.

Included in this pack:
Super Articulation 2 Trombone Voice
Registration Bank
Demo Song

Included In This Pack:
4 Super Articulation Voices
14 Live Voices
2 Mega Voices
10 Styles
60's Bossa
3 Multipads
2 Registration Banks
2 Demo Songs

Included In This Pack:
30 Organ Voices
10 Organ Styles
3 Multipads
2 Registration Banks
2 Demo Songs

Included In This Pack:
Super Articulation 2 PanFluteLatin Voice
Super Articulation 2 PanFluteBallad
2 Registration Banks
2 Demo Songs

20% discount is available on All Premium Packs And Voices at Yamaha MusicSoft. Offer expires at 12:00 AM EDT on Monday, March 21st, 2011. Offer cannot be combined with any other promotions.