Friday, January 14, 2011

Yamaha at NAMM 2011

The 2011 edition of the Winter NAMM show is underway this weekend in California, and Yamaha is on the scene, with a full slate of exciting new instrument announcements, demonstrations and performances. At NAMM, North America's largest musical instruments trade show, thousands of music products are showcased each year, and Yamaha is always at the forefront with innovative new musical ideas. 2011 promises to continue this tradition with big news from across the musical spectrum.

Full coverage is live at Yamaha's official NAMM site, but here's a brief summary of some of the keyboard and piano news that has surfaced so far:
  • New CLP-400 series Clavinova Digital Pianos
    The new Clavinova Slimline Series offers an improved piano touch and tone in a cabinet that's high on style, but low in square footage. Key new features shared by all models in the CLP Slimline Series include a USB audio recorder, which lets pianists capture performances, document and store piano lesson material or record original compositions on high-quality audio files. Now, it's easier than ever to share high-quality recordings of your performance with family and friends.
  • "Piaggero" NP Series Digital Pianos
    Designed to appeal to piano purists seeking an extremely portable instrument, this new line offers high quality piano Voices and basic piano-centric features for practicing or performing piano anywhere. The new Piaggero NP Series offers classic Yamaha piano tone and 76 full-sized keys, with the NP-31's using the new Graded Soft Touch Action system to emulates the graded resistance of an acoustic piano without the added weight of hammers.
  • CFX Grand Pianos With Disklavier Mark IV Pro Technology
    The hand-built Yamaha CFX concert grand piano, which was launched only one year ago, has already been celebrated for being the piano of choice by the winners of prominent piano competitions worldwide. Winter NAMM 2011 will mark the world premiere of a Mark IV Disklavier Pro version of this incredible instrument! These new Mark IV Pro pianos feauture Yamaha's finest Disklavier system, factory-installed in Yamaha's finest hand-crafted 9' Concert Grand Piano, which means higher resolution recording than that available on the standard Mark IV, an 80 GB hard drive, the ability to control the piano from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, PianoSmart Video Sync recording capability and Yamaha "Remote Lesson" features which permitting transcontinental piano lessons, master classes and performances between two Internet-connected Disklavier pianos.
  • Bösendorfer Disklavier Pianos
    When Yamaha began distributing Bösendorfer pianos in 2008, they added one of the world's most beloved pianos to their instrument selection. Now, you can get the famous Bösendorfer sound and feel integrated with the state of the art Disklavier E3. You can now record your piano performances directly to MIDI, play silently through headphones, enjoy original piano performances played live on your piano, either from the streaming Piano Radio service, or from the extensive library of, and more, all with a Bösendorfer.
Of course, this is just the beginning. Yamaha will be providing hours of coverage on their official site, featuring the many performances, demonstrations, and new product announcements going on at the show throughout the weekend.

Check Yamaha's official NAMM website for live video and updates throughout the show, as well as Yamaha's Twitter streams, for up to the minute news:

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