Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vocal Rock Accompaniments & A Capella In This Week's New Premium Styles

As marvelous as Yamaha's keyboards are, we have to admit that the human voice is still the most amazing, versatile and expressive instrument around. Luckily, Yamaha's keyboards recognize the importance of great vocal sounds, as you can tell by the spectacular vocal recreations in both this week's new Premium Styles and the Choral Vocals Premium Pack. Both of the new Premium Styles just released feature vocal accompaniments that create a realistic, human feel that will add a new dimension to your playing, whether you're playing, rock, pop or jazz.

The two new styles are each available in five different versions designed to suit each specific instrument type, including an optimized version dedicated to the new Tyros4, so you can be sure you're getting the best quality style for your particular keyboard model whether you're using a Clavinova or a workstation keyboard.

50s Twist
With the youthful rebellion of exciting, raucous music and the dance to go along with it, the twist sums up perfectly the feel of early rock and roll. You can easily create the same feel easily with this style, which puts doo wop backing vocals at the forefront of the accompaniment. For a more piano heavy take on the twist, try the 60s Twist style.

Acappella Swing
A capella music appears most often these days in the form of barbershop and vocal jazz. The a capella swing sound has been taken up recently by groups like Take 6 and the Manhattan Transfer, and this style is a perfect accompaniment to use in creating your own a capella tracks. Using only human voices for harmony and finger snaps for percussion, this style recreates the sound of a barbershop quartet with amazing realism and expressiveness. Add your own voice to create new "a capella" songs!

- Doug