Friday, January 28, 2011

Learn To Play the Keyboard in 2011 With Online Lessons

Maybe you made a resolution earlier this month to start playing your keyboard more. Or maybe there's a certain technique, playing style, or skill you vowed to learn or improve. Or maybe you just decided that 2011 would be the year you finally really learned how to play the keyboard. No matter what sort of musical promises you made to yourself this new year, Yamaha has online lessons that will help you live up to them.

With 150 different Digital Lesson Books to choose from at Yamaha MusicSoft, including German language lessons, there's something for everyone. Players looking to hone particular skills or take their playing to the next level will find a variety of intermediate level lessons, but there are some especially great lessons for players who are just starting out on the keyboard.

The Complete Keyboard Player series is designed to have you playing your favorite pop songs as quickly as possible. This series of books covers all of the usual bases, helping your understand chords, notes and the basics of reading music. However, it won't waste time on teaching you proper technique or theory that you don't care about. It jumps right in to how to play popular songs like "Imagine", "Candle in the Wind" and "Clocks", along with detailed audio guides. The lessons also focus on using the accompaniment features on your keyboard that can make even your earliest performances sound great. This isn't a system for purists, and it won't turn you into a professional player, but after finishing the lessons in these three books, you'll have all the tools you need to impress audiences with popular piano hits.

Keep reading for more on lessons for beginners, as well as lessons for guitar, drums and more, for anyone looking to branch out in the new year.

Or, for those looking to learn how to play keyboard as part of a band as quickly as possible, the lessons from Berklee's "Instant Keyboard" book are perfect. Written by professors from the famed Berklee College of Music, the lessons cover only what you absolutely need to know to start forming chords and playing real music fast. Then, if you're ready to explore some more music theory and start working with right hand melodies, just move on up to the Fast Track Keyboard series. With the basics you've learned from "Instant Keyboard" it will be easy to pick up the new skills and ideas introduced in the Fast Track lessons. Before long you'll be reading music and playing full songs with full right and left hand parts - you'll have all the skills you need to play with a band, or on your own.

The catalog also goes beyond keyboard instruction to include online lessons for drums, guitar, saxophone, and more. The lessons feature a number of entries from the "A Tune A Day" and "Xtreme" series, which give you two great options for learning to play a new instrument.

Each lesson can be viewed on your computer immediately after purchase. Take a look at the whole catalog of books, including lessons for harmonica and ukulele, or visit Yamaha's Online Services site for more information about Digital Lesson Books.

- Doug