Friday, January 21, 2011

Hear Gershwin Play Gershwin On Our Latest Radio Channel

George Gershwin is best known as the composer of "Rhapsody in Blue", the songwriter behind songs like "Fascinatin' Rhythm" and "Swanee", and the genius behind one of the 20th century's greatest operas, "Porgy and Bess". Of course, he was also a fantastic pianist, but it's less widely known that he was a prolific performer for player piano roll recordings. At the beginning of his career, Gershwin made a variety of piano roll recordings of both his own compositions and other popular songs of the era. Luckily, these recordings have survived so that you can enjoy them in PianoSoft form on your own keyboard or Disklavier. But now, in a twist that Gershwin certainly couldn't have envisioned, you can also enjoy these original Gershwin recordings, along with additional performances of his work from Yamaha's PianoSoft artists, on the new Gershwin channel for Yamaha's Piano Radio.

You can now hear Gershwin's legendary songs on their own exclusive Piano Radio channel. With the new channel, you can enjoy piano arrangements of your favorite Gershwin tuness played live on your instrument, whenever you want. Plus, each song you'll hear was recorded either by one of Yamaha's acclaimed PianoSoft artists, or by Gershwin himself, and will be reproduced on your instrument exactly as it was originally performed. Check out some examples of what you can expect to hear on the new channel:

Swanee (from "Gershwin Plays Again")

Sweet and Low Down (from "David Buechner Plays Gershwin")

The Gershwin channel is just the latest addition to our channel lineup, which includes 19 other stations available around the clock and throughout the year. For anyone listening to radio on a CLP Clavinova or MODUS digital piano, the Gershwin channel is your new channel 20.

To try out the Gershwin channel now, first log in to Internet Direct Connection on your instrument and choose "Listen to Radio", or from a Disklavier Mark IV choose "Internet" from the main menu on your controller, then "Disklavier Radio".

On a Disklavier E3, you can listen to radio by pressing the "Internet" button on your remote, then choose "D-Radio". However, if you haven't created an account for Internet Direct Connection, you'll need to do that before subscribing to Piano Radio for your E3 - you can create your account here.

If you've never tried Piano Radio before, now's the perfect time. If you're not ready to subscribe and check out the Gershwin channel, that's fine. Two free channels are available right now - all you need to do is get your keyboard online and you can be enjoying streaming music within seconds. Follow this guide for help with connecting to the internet, or head here if you're ready to subscribe. For more information on Yamaha's Piano Radio, visit our Online Services site.

- Doug