Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Welcome German Downloadshop Customers!

As of today, Yamaha's German Downloadshop, formerly located at, has a new home at This means that we are welcoming all German Downloadshop users into the Yamaha MusicSoft family!

For nearly nine years, the German Music Software Downloadshop reached many European customers, but with today's change Downloadshop users will now be able to enjoy a number of new features and improvements on the Yamaha MusicSoft site including five languages for navigation. Here are some more highlights of the new European Yamaha MusicSoft site:
  • A wider range of products - including Premium Voice Packs, Disklavier software and new Digital Lesson Books
  • More details about each item
  • Warning messages to help you avoid duplicate purchases
  • Ability to sort products by country
  • Versatile search options including FAQ support
  • Standard web forms to contact our support team, to make sure you get a response more quickly than ever
  • No more need to worry about finding the correct format version for your keyboard! Just input your model name and our system will find the best match for your keyboard.
  • In addition to credit cards, PayPal is available as a payment option on the European Yamaha MusicSoft. If you're new to PayPal, create an account now. Note that Click&Buy will not be available as a payment method on the new site, however you can keep your Click&Buy accounts for other online shopping activities.
  • Prices will have been adjusted so that Tyros-related formats will now be cheaper:
    • Single Songs + Styles, lower price class: 5,90 €
    • MegaVoice Songs + Styles, upper price class: 7,90 €
  • Users wishing to purchase different versions of a song to use on more than one keyboard can purchase additional versions at a 50% rebate

Also worth noting:
  • Due to legal issues PDF leadsheets and lyric documents will no longer be supplied along with Midi files. However, the score, lyrics and chord presentation in keyboard display will remain.
  • New songs and styles will continue to be released on a regular basis
  • News and information will still be sent out in a monthly newsletter
  • Accounts from the German Downloadshop and Yamaha MusicSoft will be merged, and all old passwords and login information can used on the new site
  • Any items purchased on the German Downloadshop or Yamaha MusicSoft will appear in your consolidated account, available for continuous and repeated downloads in case any of your data is lost

The new European version of Yamaha MusicSoft will also be tuned specifically towards European customers, with special local repertoire, prices and promotions. Very soon you will find that the new site brings many advantages over the old Downloadshop site. Please add the new address to your favorite bookmarks.

And one last piece of good news to wrap things up: we will be offering a 10% "welcome rebate" on all Midi song and style purchases in the new European Yamaha MusicSoft during December!

* 10% rebate applies to all MIDI Files, registrations and styles ordered on the European Yamaha MusicSoft site. Not applicable to Digital Lesson Books, Premium Packs and Voices, or PianoSoft products. Sale ends 12am EST January 1st, 2011.

** The new site has been tested seriously, but during this initial period unexpected things might happen. We apologize for any inconveniences you might face and will find immediate solutions. Please contact us if you have any problems.