Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ring In the New Year With the Best Music of 2010!

Start 2011 with a bang! The new year is a perfect time to get started with making music in a new way, whether that means picking up a new instrument, starting a new practice regimen, or branching out into new ways to learn and perform music. To give you some ideas for making 2011 your most musical year yet, we've assembled a hand-picked selection of the best songs, styles, and PianoSoft from 2010. These songs and styles will take your performances to new places in the new year, and give you exciting tools to play with and explore. Plus, while you're giving your hands a rest, 2010's best PianoSoft your give your ears enough great jazz, country, pop and classical music to keep them occupied well into 2011.

If you've never tried PianoSoft, MIDI or styles on your keyboard before, the new year is a great time to start. We'll even help you get going with the Best of 2010 Song Pack - save 20% on five of the best songs of the year and get playing now! Take a look at the year's 10 best below, then keep reading to find 2010's best styles and PianoSoft albums:

MIDI Songs

Waka Waka (Time For Africa) - Shakira

The official song for this year's World Cup comes from the Colombian singer Shakira and the South African band Freshlyground. The song is sung in both English and Spanish, and is based on a traditional African soldiers' song named "Zangalewa". It features rousing, inspirational vocals alongside a variety of lively African rhythms.

Hey, Soul Sister - Train

Train goes back to the basics with this timeless example of great soft pop music. With this MIDI version of the song, the catchy melody that stuck in our heads all year long will live on in your keyboard performances for years to come.

Satellite - Lena

This year's Eurovision winner, "Satellite" blends soul, pop and hip hop to create one of 2010's signature sounds.

California Gurls - Katy Perry

"California Gurls" was without a doubt the song of the summer in 2010. The dance-pop sounds in this track are so hot that it's sure to add a warm California vibe to any performance, even in the cold winter months.

Need You Now - Lady Antebellum

With a beautiful, delicate country arrangement and a melody full of longing, this has all the makings of a song that will live on through the years. One of the biggest country hits of 2010, "Need You Now" was also nominated for this year's "Song of the Year" Grammy award.

Haven't Met You Yet - Michael Buble

The piano line is tons of fun to learn and play, and the vocals are croon-along gold - add it to your repertoire today, and "Haven't Met You Yet" will add tons of fun to your performances in 2011 and beyond!

Alejandro - Lady Gaga

From "Bad Romance" to "Telephone" to "Alejandro", Lady Gaga continued to produce great pop songs in 2010. "Alejandro" has the beat and synthesizer based instrumentation that will sound right at home in a European disco, but also has a strong vocal chorus that fans of ABBA should find familiar, and fans of modern pop music should find very refreshing.

Pirates Of The Caribbean Medley - Hans Zimmer (Arranged & Performed By Peter Baartmans)

Yamaha's premier keyboard expert, Peter Baartmans, is as skilled with the finer, more technical aspects of Yamaha's keyboards as he is with creating amazing performances. With these skills combined, he's produced one of 2010's best selling MIDI files, a medley of music from the "Pirates of the Carribean" films.

Fireflies - Owl City

"Fireflies" was the hit that kept on hitting in 2010, bringing its catchy electronic sounds to Europe and continuing to light up the charts in the US.

I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas

A true classic that sounds as fresh today as it did when it was released, "I Gotta Feeling" put smiles on millions of faces in 2010.

You can keep reading to find this year's best new styles and PianoSoft albums, but we'd also like to take this opportunity to wish our readers all the best in 2011. As the calendar turns over again we hope you've had a musical 2010, and want to do everything we can to make sure that 2011 is even better. The next year will bring many new opportunities and tools for making music with your keyboard, but if you have suggestions for specific things you would like to see, or things you want us to help you do with your keyboard, let us know! You can always leave a comment here on the blog, on our Facebook page, or contact us through Twitter to let us know about any ideas you have. Happy new year!


The Blues

Celebration Dance

Pop Mambo

Piano Rumba


Modern Talking Disco

Easy Country Swing

US Smooth Ballad

French Swing

50's Quickstep


"Home" - Best New Ballads

The popular ballads included on this new collection, like Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You", and Michael Bublé's "Home" all pull at your heart strings in familiar ways. The new piano solo arrangements created by pianist Tom Zink for this album bring out the soaring melodies that make these songs true ballads.

"You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" - Super Seventies

"Super Seventies" does a great job of merging both the loud and in your face rock and roll that emerged in the 1970s with the mellower songs that were equally popular at the time. With Plimmer's deft touch and the new arrangements on this album, the singer/songwriter classic "American Pie" and the wistful ballad "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" sit comfortably next to hard rockers like "Smoke on the Water" and "Dream On".

Cool Cunliffe - Great Jazz Solos

Bill Cunliffe has made a name for himself in the jazz world as a Grammy winning arranger, a renowned composer, and a respected educator, but on this PianoSoft album, you can see where he really shines - as a performer. From on breathtaking virtuosic runs on Bud Powell's "Clepoatra's Dream" to delicate takes on softer standards like "On Green Dolphin Street" and "Say It (Over and Over Again)", Cunliffe displays his mastery of the piano.

"Let's Do It" - Songs of Cole Porter

Cole Porter was one of America's great songwriters, penning songs for some of the biggest musicals of the 30s and 40s, as well as creating memorable standards that are still widely sung and enjoyed today. This PianoSoft album features many of Porter's most beloved songs, including the playful "De-Lovely" and "Anything Goes", the romantic "In the Still of the Night" and "Every Time We Say Goodbye", as well as, of course, the title track.

My Valentine - Songs For Lovers

Pianist Tom Zink's arrangements bring a warm, cohesive feel to the album, focusing on what all of the songs have in common: timeless romantic melodies. Of course, there are also some wonderful interpretations throughout the record - Zink takes the Beach Boys classic "God Only Knows" into waltz time, and he throws some exciting improvisational flourishes into Etta James's "At Last".

- Doug