Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Tyros4 Voices - Vintage Keyboards and Expressive Saxophones

The new Tyros4 expansion Premium Packs and Voices prove that the musical possibilities of Yamaha's keyboards are truly endless. With the new voices, available now from Yamaha MusicSoft, you can open up new musical worlds using sounds from some of the most famous keyboards of all time, and brilliant and expressive Super Articulation 2 Saxophone voices.

Fans of analog and early digital keyboard sounds will be delighted by the new voices from the Vintage Keyboard Pack. With the pack, you’ll be able to add the sounds that have defined the keyboard since the 1950s to the Tyros4. These vintage sounds have been heard in a variety of legendary recordings, by hundreds of popular artists, and with the new pack you’ll be able to create even more new legendary tracks.

In total, the Vintage Keyboard pack contains 30 voices, along with 10 exclusive Premium Styles, three MultiPads, 16 registrations, and two demo songs, providing a full upgrade for the Tyros4. Watch demonstrations of each of the new voices at the official Tyros YouTube channel.

The voices in the pack span a variety of sounds made famous by classic electronic pianos. In these new voices, Yamaha has masterfully emulated the "electro-mechanical" electronic pianos of the 60s and 70s.

In addition to these well known electric piano sounds, the pack also includes voices from two of Yamaha’s most popular keyboard models, the legendary DX7 responsible for some of the most famous sounds of the 80s, and the CP80, a groundbreaking electric piano. The new DX7 inspired voices feature classic electric piano sounds from the instrument, as well as other sounds emulating the many chorus, studio, and delays available in the DX7, and the CP80 voices highlight the unmistakable bright CP80 sound.

Two new sets of SA2 Saxophone voices are also available now. These new voices give Tyros4 users breathtakingly realistic tenor and alto saxophone sounds, complete with SA2 technology to provide extra expressive capabilities. Voices are available separately for alto and tenor sax sounds, and include pop and funk variations of each instrument.

The new Vintage Keyboard Pack and the SA2 Saxophone Voices follow up on the packs and voices released last year for the Tyros3. In addition to the forthcoming pack and voice, the Euro and US Organs Pack, the Choir and Vocals Pack, as well as the SA2 Pan Flute and Trombone voices, are all now available in new versions for the Tyros4.

Installing the Premium Packs and Voices on the Tyros4 is quick and easy, and can be done with one simple touch of a button. To use new voices, though, you will need to install expansion flash memory on the Tyros4. The Yamaha FL102M and FL512M memory expansions are available from Yamaha dealers both in your area and on the web. For more information about installation, see our directions on Yamaha MusicSoft.

- Doug