Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Premium Styles - Motown Ballads and Funky Disco

This week's new Premium Styles represent two musical movements, Motown and disco, that defined their eras. Pop music is always changing, with each passing fad and era leaving its imprint on future sounds, but 60s Motown and 70s disco, are timeless, unique and universal, just like the music you'll make with these new Premium Styles.

The two new styles are each available in five different versions designed to suit each specific instrument type, including an optimized version dedicated to the new Tyros4, so you can be sure you're getting the best quality style for your particular keyboard model whether you're using a Clavinova or a workstation keyboard.

Detroit Ballad - Some of the biggest ballads of the 60s came out of Detroit and Motown records. Detroit put a distinctive soulful pop spin on ballads in songs like "My Girl", and "I Second That Emotion" that you can hear in this style. Using lots of backing vocals alongside prominent drums and horns, the Motown sound is unique but sounds great accompanying a wide variety of ballads.

Disco Celebration - The disco music of the 70s is all about big speakers, big shoes, and living the high life: at heart, disco is all about celebration. And with unmistakable treble heavy disco guitar style, along with funky bass and horn lines make this style perfect for celebrating anything at all.

- Doug