Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New PianoSoft: Country Hits and Ballads Come to Life With New Piano Arrangements

As any disenchanted musical purist will tell you, it's easy to make a song sound good using the advanced studio technology behind today's radio hits. But, try stripping off the layers of instrumentation and playing the song on a solo piano. If the solo piano version still conveys the same feeling contained in the original, then you know that you're dealing with a great song. You can hear this idea in action on both of the latest PianoSoft releases, as Yamaha's PianoSoft artists adapt today's biggest country songs and ballads for solo piano. In these original performances, the emotion and power of songs as diverse as Taylor Swift's "Love Story" and Train's "Hey Soul Sister" come through loud and clear, which means you can enjoy the songs that you love in a totally new way.

Today's Country Hits

With stars like Lady Antebellum and Taylor Swift producing future classics at an unbelievable rate, these are great days for country music. This PianoSoft album brings together some of best country tunes of recent years, in new original arrangements that bring new life to the songs and will sound wonderful played back on your keyboard or piano. While focusing on today's hits, this collection also finds room for some classics like Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" and Lonestar's "Amazed". Each song was arranged by pianist Jason Nyberg for solo piano, and his interpretations never cease to convey the warm emotion of these beloved songs.

"Home" - Best New Ballads

While you may be hard pressed to clearly define what make a song a "ballad", you definitely know one when you hear one. The popular ballads included on this new collection, like Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You", and Michael Bublé's "Home" pull at your heart strings in familiar ways. But these are "new" ballads, and songs like Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" certainly aren't the same sort of ballads that were radio staples in the 50s or stadium fillers in the 80s. The new piano solo arrangements created by pianist Tom Zink for this album, however, bring out the soaring melodies that make theses songs true ballads - even the country twang of "I Hope You Dance" and the modern soul phrasing of "Fistful of Tears".

- Doug