Thursday, December 9, 2010

Get a Real Catalog Shopping Experience With the PianoSoft Digital Catalog

In these days of online shopping, one thing that gets lost is the traditional experience of paging through an honest-to-goodness catalog. While Yamaha MusicSoft stopped producing a paper version of the PianoSoft catalog in 2009, this year's PianoSoft digital catalog gives you a chance to get the same shopping experience.

With the digital catalog you can get the catalog experience online, complete with page turning animations, download the catalog as a PDF file to browse offline, or print out the full thing so you can have your own hard copy to study. With over 150 pages describing every PianoSoft album in stock, you can get the full picture of what's available for your Disklavier. Plus, indexes at the back of the catalog let you browse by album title or artist so if you have something in mind you can find it quickly and easily.

Once you've sufficiently perused the catalog, you can use the links in the digital version, or search by album title to purchase online, or feel free to bypass the web and give us a call to place your order. You can reach us Monday through Friday between 9am and 5:30pm EST at 1866 430 2652.

- Doug