Friday, December 17, 2010

All Downloads On Sale Until Christmas!

One week until Christmas, but there's still so much to do - you still need to send out your Christmas cards, plus there's only a week left to learn all of the Christmas carols you wanted to play this year!  While Yamaha's Online Services can't help you cook Christmas dinner or decorate your lawn, we are making it easy on your schedule and your bank account to get new music and more for your keyboard this week.

From now until Christmas day, you can save 20% on all downloads at Yamaha MusicSoft, or save time and money by downloading directly to your instrument with Internet Direct Connection.*

You'll save on everything from new expansion songs, to fresh styles, to exciting new PianoSoft albums and informative Digital Lesson Books - and if you're not connected, now is the perfect time to connect to Internet Direct Connection and start enjoying Piano Radio, online lessons and more right on your instrument. Disklavier users can watch our new connection video for a full step by step guide to getting connected.

* Sale offers 20% off all downloadable MIDI files, styles, registrations, Digital Books, PianoSoft albums and songs, Digital Sheet Music, and Music Finder+ Performance Guides on Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection. Select Premium Packs and Voices also on sale. Sale does not apply to shippable items or subscriptions. Sale ends 12am EST, Saturday December 25th.

Also note that this sale is running only at the World Edition of Yamaha MusicSoft, and not on the European Edition.

- Doug