Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The New Tyros4 Keyboard - An Overview, Featuring Updates To Premium Voices

The latest and greatest Yamaha arranger workstation keyboard, the Tyros4, has now been officially released, and keyboard players all over the world will no doubt be spending the next few weeks exploring all of the new features and sounds it offers. With a vast array of performance, recording, and learning features, an upgraded and even easier to use interface, in addition to mind blowing new sounds, the Tyros4 is a new leap forward for Yamaha's keyboard technology.

The Premium Packs and Voices previously released for the Tyros3 are also now available for use on the Tyros4. Now, when you purchase the Euro and US Organs Pack, the Choir and Vocals Pack, or the SA2 Pan Flutes or SA2 Trombone Voices, you'll get access to both Tyros3 and Tyros4 versions of every voice and style included. And what's more, current owners of Tyros3 Premium Packs or Voices can download the new Tyros4 versions of the voices for free! Just log in to your account at Yamaha MusicSoft and the new upgraded Tyros4 files will be right there waiting for you to download.

But the new Tyros4 Packs and Voices aren't just the same sounds and styles updated to be compatible with the Tyros4: each pack and voice has been improved to bring it up to the new standards of the Tyros4's built in sounds. This means improved sound quality, and new features like voice previews and on screen information for each voice.

Of course, the Tyros4 offers so much more than just upgraded Premium Voices and Packs. Here's just an idea of what else you can expect from the Tyros4:

- Vocal Harmony 2

With Vocal Harmony you can sing along with your own virtual backing vocalists, and the Tyros4's Vocal Harmony feature is such a step forward, we’ve given it a new name: VH2. With dedicated DSP effect power, a new preamp and signal processing built in, VH2 delivers great sounding Vocal Harmony. Adding up to three harmony vocalists in addition to your own voice and with new pitch recognition and stability controls, you’re sure to deliver a dazzling performance. In addition to Vocal Harmony, VH2 features a new Synth Vocoder. This real-time vocal processor uses one of 10 carrier voices together with the microphone signal to create a 'talking synthesizer' effect.

- Improved Audio Recording

No need for separate recording hardware—you can record your keyboard performance as well as your own singing or the sound of other instruments directly to the Tyros4! The new "Simple" record mode allows you to record your playing directly to a wav or MP3 file, either on the Tyros4 or a connected USB drive, without having to bounce or convert any files.

- Completely New Styles and Voices

The Tyros4 includes tons of brand new voices and styles that raise the bar for sound quality, expressiveness, realism, and playability. For example, using new Ambient Sampling and Wave Cycling technology, Yamaha has created some amazing new vocal and choir voices that give you an entirely new palette to work with. Plus, each voice on the Tyros4 comes with a built in preview, so that you can see how each voice sounds when choosing which one to use, even before loading them up.

Much more information can be found at the official Tyros website, and you can count on a lot more Tyros4 news from us in the coming months.

- Doug