Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Songs From John Mayer, Heart, the Clash and More

The loud, brash rock music of the 1970s is well represented in this week's new MIDI song releases. With MIDI versions songs from Heart, the Clash, and T-Rex, the guitar voices on your keyboard are in for a real workout. If you need something to cool things off afterwards, though, the new John Mayer release "Heartbreak Warfare", should do the trick. Also, since these are MIDI files, you won't just be listening to these great guitar songs - you can remix them, learn with them, and use them to create your own unique performances. If that sounds good to you, then take a look at what's new:

Heartbreak Warfare - John Mayer

"Heartbreak Warfare" has the great melodies and fascinating guitar work that fans of John Mayer have come to love. Plus, with a heavy mid-tempo pop beat, this one is easily a slow dance favorite.

Magic Man - Heart

If the big guitars and wailing vocals of 70's rock are what you're after, "Magic Man" is the song for you.

Heat of the Moment - Asia

Asia included members of such prog-rock legends as Yes and King Crimson, so you can be sure that it packs the intricate guitar and synth work those bands were famous for. "Heat of the Moment" was also a huge pop hit, though, and sports a classic 80's stadium rock sound and a memorable chorus that fans of everyone from Bon Jovi to Toto will certainly get behind.

Train in Vain - The Clash

Perhaps better known as "Stand By Me", "Train In Vain" is a poigniant motown and pop influenced standout track from the Clash's landmark album London Calling, which showed that punk rock was much more than raw aggression.

I Love To Boogie - T-Rex

T-Rex, and their frontman Marc Bolan, made Glam Rock one of the biggest sounds of the 70s, but "I Love to Boogie" is a classic blues song no matter who's playing it.

Keep reading for more new songs, or check out the full catalog.

Lucky Man - Emerson, Lake and Palmer
"Lucky Man" was ELP's biggest hit, and with it's combination of 60's folk influenced rock with the synthesizers that would become a huge part of music in the 70's, a defining moment in the progression of rock.

Here I Go Again - BND
BND was only around for a while in the 1990's but this song is still a great slice of dance floor ready bubblegum pop. "Here I Go Again" was written by Mike Stock and Matt Aitken of the extremely successful Stock/Aitken/Waterman songwriting team, who also produced huge hits for Kylie Minogue and Rick Astley.

Hände Zum Himmel - Hansi Hinterseer
This is really Schlager music at its best. Hansi Hinterseer is a major star in the Schlager music world (as well as a world class Skier) with a huge number of hits in northern Europe and in his native Austria. "Hände Zum Himmel" is one of his most famous and most popular songs.

Telephone - Lady Gaga
A big worldwide hit from Lady Gaga's blockbuster album The Fame Monster, "Telephone" has a great dance-beat with some powerful hooks.

On The Road Again - Willie Nelson
Whether you're a fan of pop, rock or country music, this classic from the grand old country star Willie Nelson should be very familiar.

- Doug