Friday, October 22, 2010

New Reggae, Rumba, and Bavarian Styles

In the mood for some new rhythms? Have an original song or cover you want to play, but can't find the perfect style to use? Chances are you'll find exactly what you're looking for either in our latest new styles, or in one of the over 600 styles already in our catalog. Over the past few weeks, we've released a bunch of new styles that cover everything from traditional German musical varieties to Caribbean and Mexican rhythms.

Irgendwie Reggae - Authentic reggae vibes, with complete with a big horn section and unmistakable Caribbean rhythms.

Austrian 8 Beat Pop Schlager - A laid back guitar based style that's designed for use with German Schlager songs, but will also fit well with 60's and 70's singer/songwriter and soft rock songs.

Arpeggio Pop - This style perfectly suits the current craze in pop music towards arpeggiated synth patterns.

Anton Tyrol Beat - Combine a pounding four on the floor beat with trumpet and accordion and you get a style that brings Bavarian flavor to the dance floor.

Ramona Shuffle - A swinging 50's rock beat destined to soundtrack your next sock hop.

Zillertal Wedding March - Lead by trombone and accordion, this style the march-like feel of traditional Austrian and German music as modernized by groups like the Schürzenjäger.

Mexican Guitar Rumba - Solid rumba rhythms with traditional instrumentation featuring both full chords and arpeggios from the classical guitar, and fun percussion flourishes.

- Doug