Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Full Story on Tyros4 Flash Memory Upgrades

With the recent release of the Tyros4, has taken the workstation keyboard to the next level. The Tyros4 gives you the power do pretty much anything you want as a musician, but with a little extra memory you can do even more. Expansion flash memory is available to make it possible for you to load your own samples and audio to create entirely new voices for the Tyros, or load Premium Packs and Voices sold on Yamaha MusicSoft.

There are two different options available for expansion: the FL512M module, which offers 512MB of new memory, and the FL1024M, which will give you a full 1GB.

So how do you go about getting a hold of the expansion memory? It's available from the same places you'll find the Tyros4: Yamaha keyboard dealers and select online stores. If you need help locating a store that's carrying the expansion modules, and you're in the US, you can use this dealer locator to find a dealer near you. If you're not in the US, there are other resources you can use to find a local dealer. Take a look below:
Once you've got the flash expansion memory, it's easy to install it in the Tyros4.  For detailed installation directions, you should consult page 108 of the Tyros4 manual, which you can find here.

- Doug


  1. This is not the 'Full Story'. No mention is made of the excessive cost of these items. It's a shame Yamaha decided to make the buying public dip in their pockets for something that should have been included on the Tyros 4. I for one, solely because of this decision to make us pay for the flash memory, am now waiting for the new Korg due next year. This after 25 years of owning nothing but Yamaha organs and keyboards.

  2. Indeed, not the full story. In another post Yamaha "explains" the flash memory card is so expensive because flash memory chips are more expensive than regular memory. Come on! One can buy a 8GB USB memory stick with flash memory for less than €20! Don't get me wrong, I am very happy with the flash option and therefore very short loading times of extra voices. It just hurts when things are unnecessary expensive and Yamaha are not open about it. Pity.

  3. Det är inte bara historien med flash-minnena som är obehagliga inslag i
    Yamahas försäljningstaktik just nu.
    De går också ut med försäljningskontrakt till återförsäljarna, där ett visst utförsäljningspris av Tyros 4 fordras för att återförsäljarna över huvud taget ska få några leveranser. Tyska Thomann har tagit bort Tyros 4 från sin Cyberstore. De gillar inte diktatorsfasoner.

  4. I say after six years using Yamaha instruments, Yamaha has got so greedy that they are turning their customers away by overchargeing. They are not listening to their customers. Why don't they get the midi to work properly instead of bringing out new Instruments which you have to purchase decent organ sounds and no midi data usage. Bill K

  5. @ronnie: please use English instead of Swedish!

    Here is Ronnie's translation (by Google):

    "It is not only the history of flash memories that are unpleasant feature of
    Yamaha's sales tactics right now.
    They also go out with sales contracts to dealers, which a certain retail price of Tyre 4 required that retailers in general should get some supplies. German Thomann have removed Tyre 4 from its Cyber Store. They do not like the dictatorial manners.
    ronnie ronald"

  6. Well, let's face it. "Yamaha is turning customers away."? Really? Where to? :-) Since Yamaha has the only arranger keyboard with it's magnificent sound, there's nowhere we as customers can go to. Korg PA2X Pro? Sorry, doesn't sound (and look) as good. Roland G-70? Nice instrument, but 5 years old and is missing features. My only hope is the Korg "PA3X" which comes out first quarter of 2011?

  7. That's it in one Maarten. They have a virtual monopoly in the market and we are paying for that in over inflated prices.

    The flash memory is a total rip off. It stopped me from upgrading to a Tyros 4 on principle.

  8. Like Maarten, I to am now waiting for the new Korg PA3X to come out early next year. I've had my fill of Yamaha. As things stand at the moment they will not get another $ out of me. They pushed it too far this time.

  9. Hi everyone,

    We appreciate your comments about these flash memory upgrades and definitely understand that many users are unhappy. I've contacted Yamaha Japan for an official statement about these upgrades, and they'd like to emphasize the following points:

    First, with the new memory upgrades, you won't need to wait for wave files to load at start-up when you install new voices on the Tyros4 (the loading time for the wave file when turning the power on).

    Second, Yamaha was able to keep the price of the Tyros4 instrument down by making it compatible with Yamaha memory upgrades. So, though the memory upgrades may look expensive, the cost of the instrument is less than it would have been if it had been made compatible with memory from other manufacturers.

    And lastly, with the new Yamaha memory upgrades, we are able to totally guarantee that what you are putting into the instrument will work, and will work well.

    All in all, Yamaha feels that these upgrades will vastly improve the performance and capabilities of the Tyros4. And, of course, these upgrades are optional! Though they will allow you to expand the Tyros4 with custom and Premium voices, you can still enjoy the other features of the Tyros4 without them.

    If you have any further comments or questions about these upgrades, please direct them to our feedback box.