Friday, October 29, 2010

Bring the Latest Technology to Your Floppy Disk Powered Disklavier

When the first Disklavier pianos were built in the late 1980s, floppy disks were a state of the art medium for storing and transferring data. These days, though, floppy disks are quickly becoming a thing of the past, replaced not only by CDs, but by USB and wireless technology as well. Luckily, the floppy disk powered Disklaviers of yester-year can now be easily upgraded: along with a little tune up, the new DKC-850 upgrade unit can easily make even a 15 year old Disklavier new again.

Thanks to the DKC-850, users of Mark II and Mark III Disklaviers can easily add all of the features of the latest E3 Disklaviers to your existing pianos with a simple control unit upgrade. By just replacing the control box with a new DKC-850, you'll catch your piano up on a decade's worth of technological advances. Plus, with November quickly approaching, it's the perfect time for those of you who plan to use the Disklavier to soundtrack your holidays to think about upgrading with the DKC-850. By upgrading now, you'll be able to take advantage of:
  • Endless streaming music!
    Experience your own private concerts whenever you want, or enjoy hours of continuous music without swapping disks or even setting up a playlist! Over a dozen channels of piano music are available around the clock through Piano Radio.

  • Permanent music storage!
    Floppy disks are a thing of the past - with an optional USB floppy disk drive, you can load your entire library of PianoSoft albums onto the DKC-850. That means no more breaks in playback while you change albums, and no more messing around with disks.

  • Customizable playlists!
    Don't be constrained by albums any longer - use the songs from your library to make your own playlists.

  • Built in CD drive!
    With CD support, you can take full advantage of PianoSoft Plus Audio, which adds real audio accompaniment to PianoSoft performances, and Smart PianoSoft, which lets you enjoy original piano accompaniments to your favorite audio CDs.

  • Easier access to new music!
    Download new music to a USB flash drive and easily add it to the permanent library on the piano.

  • Video synchronization!
    Record piano performances along with a video recording, and sync them up to completely recreate the moment.

  • Cheaper PianoSoft!
    Get new music faster, and cheaper with discounted instant downloads.

  • And more!
    New features let you wake up the sound of your Disklavier, record more easily, and more!
The DKC-850 is available now from Yamaha piano dealers across the US. To find a dealer in your area, use Yamaha's dealer locater. After purchasing a DKC-850, you can attach it to either to your piano's existing unit or use it to replace the unit you currently use. Installation is simple, and while the strings, hammers and keys on the piano will be the same, you'll be hooked into a new generation of technology in no time.

For more information on the DKC-850, visit Yamaha's official site.

- Doug


  1. Is there some thing availble for those of us who owna Tyros 1, which uses floppy disk?

  2. Anonymous,

    In addition to a floppy disk drive, the Tyros 1 includes a USB to Host port that makes it possible to transfer data and files directly to a computer, though a standard USB cable. If you need to transfer files to the Tyros without floppy disks this is probably the easiest way.

    - Doug

  3. How about the users of original Disklavier Mark I with the outboard control wagon? Is there anything we can do to upgrade?

  4. Hi Bill,

    That's a good question. The DKC-850 is only compatible with Mark II and Mark III pianos, so wagon style models won't be able to use it. There may be some way to upgrade your unit, though. I would recommend contacting a dealer in your area to see what they have to say. You can use the dealer locater link in this post to find a dealer.

    - Doug

  5. Did Bill Moote find a way to upgrade the wagon style to current technology? I am in a similar situation.

  6. Can you use a wireless modum with the new controller

  7. The DKC 850 works with the outboard Wagon on my 1990 Baby Grand by using the MIDI In & out.

    However the Internet radio does not work.

    Have not been able to solve that issue.

    I now use the unit on my Mark 2 and of course it works fantastic.

    I would buy a second one, if they would make the Internet radio work on the Mark 1

  8. They need to make an upgrade for the Mark I.


  9. I've recently purchase a mark 1 and didn't realise what the wagon did. It only came with one disk. Does anyone know where I can down load more music or what the file types are that it reads? Is it simple Midi?
    Many thanks.

  10. for piano MX100 II PE.
    because i need to replace or upgrade my Disklavier DKC 500R XG.
    can a new win 10 laptop replace DKC500RXG.

    thank you for your help.
    have a nice day.

    1. Hi Chris,
      A Windows computer cannot replace the control unit. It sounds like you have a MarkIIXG Disklavier that you've added the DKC500RXG to. If that's the case, you can indeed replace your control unit with a DKC-850. If you need some more information, contact our Piano Service at 714-522-9894. Thanks!

  11. It would be so nice to be able to select songs on my DKC-850 via my iPhone app. I have a CFIII Wagon Grand. The DKC-850 will only work in MIDI mode with this piano. After adding the DKC-850 and downloading the iPhone app, it became painfully clear that Yamaha would not allow internet and iPhone app functionality :( Technically it is possible, however I believe Yamaha limited the functionality to prevent the higher tech features of the DKC-850 from being used with other pianos. I don't know if there is a modification that is even possible, but I sure wish there were. My magnificent CFIII is doomed to live out the rest of it's low-tech life without an iPhone app :(

    1. Jamie, Thank you for your question. Our Piano Service department confirmed that the DKC-850 CAN be controlled by the iOS app, even when it is in add-on mode. Please feel free to contact them at 714-522-9894 for further instruction or additional questions. The Yamaha MusicSoft team