Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Hit Songs From Europe & Scandinavia

This week's new MIDI songs include a number of songs from Vikingarna, Henning Stærk, and the The Olsen Brothers - names that will be familiar to many, but totally new to others, especially those outside of Europe. These artists, and many of the rest featured in this week's new MIDI songs, are European musicians who are beloved in their home countries both for their own hits and for producing their own takes on popular English language songs.

You may have already noticed some songs on Yamaha MusicSoft or Internet Direct Connection from artists such as these - expecting to see Elvis credited as the artist on "Love Me Tender", instead you see the name "Christer Sjögren". In most cases, the MIDI versions of these songs are quite similar to the original songs that are more widely known, but whether you're a long time fan of these European versions, or you're looking for a twist on some old favorites, these new songs are a wonderful addition to your keyboard's library.

So, without further ado, allow us to introduce you to some of these artists, and the new MIDI files available from their catalogs.

Vikingarna: Vikingarna (known as "Vikinger" in Germany) are one of the most successful of Sweden's "dansbands". These bands generally play music in the style of traditional swing and jazz bands, traveling the country playing their own versions of vocal, jazz and rock standards. All of Vikingarna's songs are played with dancing in mind, making MIDI file versions of their songs perfect for moving a crowd.

Sail Along Silvery Moon - An evergreen recorded by many artists, most famously Billy Vaughan and Andy Williams.
The Old Fashioned Way - Another evergreen written and recorded by the famous French singer Charles Aznavour.
Release Me - A very well known ballad from Engelbert Humperdinck.

Christer Sjögren: Once the singer for Vikingarna, Christer Sjögren also enjoyed a successful solo career. He has released two albums of Elvis Presley songs, giving the dansband sound a rock 'n roll edge.

One Night With You - An evergreen from the King, Elvis Presley, recorded back in 1957.
Don't Be Cruel - Another Elvis Presley hit, from way back ing 1956.
Return To Sender - One of Elvis's biggest hits ever, from the 1962 film Girls! Girls! Girls!.
She's Not You - Another evergreen from the one and only Elvis Presley.

Henning Stærk: Henning Stærk has had a long and illustrious career on the Scandinavian music scene, playing in famous bands such as Gnags, as well as performing and recording his own solo material. Though he's played everything from swing to rock, he is best known for his country material.

Deep In The Heart Of Texas - A beautiful country standard as performed by Henning Staerk.
Sweetheart - A fantastic song from late 80ies written by the famous Danish rock singer Poul Krebs and recorded later by his very good friend Henning Steark.

The Olsen Brothers: The Olsen Brothers have been making music in Denmark since the mid 60's. They bring a bright European pop sound to a variety of traditional covers, as well as their own songs, many of which have been big hits in their homeland and across Europe. The brothers represented Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000 with "Fly on the Wings of Love", taking home first place for the Danes for the first time since 1963.

Alone Again - A song by the Irish singer and songwriter Gilbert O'Sullivan. A fantastic, beautiful song that hit both the American and English charts in the early seventies.
Bye Bye Love - This song is mostly known as a huge hit from The Everly Brothers.
There's A Kind Of Hush - For the legendary pop duo "The Carpenters" this was a smash hit in the early seventies. In this version, the Olson Brothers bring the song up to date.

But all this is just a sampling of what's available in our MIDI catalog, covering the wide world of European and Scandinavian music. Keep reading to find more from Gangway, Safri Duo and a bunch of other European artists.

More Scandinavian Hits:

Gangway: Making a distinctive brand of pop music throughout the 80's and 90's, Gangway were a one-of-a-kind Danish band. Sometimes based on typical guitar pop sounds, Gangway's songs often involve electronic, new wave influences as well.

Mountain Song - This Danish band song was a big hit all over the Europe in the early nineties.
My Girl And Me - A super hit that was a chart topper all over Europe, and was also used as the theme tune to the British sitcom, "Me & My Girl".

Hurtful (Erik Hassle) - A very big hit for the Swedish Erik Hassle from his debut album from 2009. A really nice and modern pop song.

If You Can't Give Me Love (PS 12) - A brilliant rock song from the American singer-songwriter Suzi Quatro from 1978. This version is an updated version recorded by a famous pop band in Denmark called “På Slaget 12” (PS12).

Right Next To The Right One (Tim Christensen) - Danish rock star Tim Christensen wrote and recorded this song for his 2003 album Honeyburst, and it reached international acclaim after it was discovered by Celine Dion and covered on her 2007 album "Taking Chances". The song is also the title song for the Danish film, Nicolai And Julie.

Games People Play (Wenche) - A classic Cajun song which has been recorded by many different artists through the years. This version comes from the famous Danish country singer, Wenche, who had many hits especially in Germany and Scandinavia, throughout her long career.

All The People In The World (Safri Duo) - A worldwide smash hit from the Danish dance/percussion duo. This song features the same heavy tribal percussion and synthesizers you'll hear on their other hits, "Helele" and "Played-a-Live".

Flying (Nice Little Penguins) - A very big hit throughout Europe from the Danish band, Nice Little Penguins. One of the best pop songs from the nineties, featuring a heavy bass drum and light ukelele accompaniment.

- Doug