Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pick Your Instrument and Start Learning - New Online Lessons for Drums, Guitar & More

Yamaha MusicSoft's catalog of online lesson books has now expanded from keyboard instruction to include new online lessons for drums, guitar, saxophone, and more. The lessons include a number of entries from the "A Tune A Day" and "Xtreme" series, which give you two great options for learning to play a new instrument.

The Xtreme series, which includes lessons for DJs, in addition to violinists, drummers and guitarists, gets you started with the very basics of each instrument, and moves on to cover everything you need to know to play your favorite songs. But what makes these lessons "extreme" is the fun, personal touch the writers (such as Skins the drummer and Frett the guitarist) give to the writing in each lesson, which makes learning extra fun, and will definitely keep you interested as you work your way through the lessons. Each lesson includes audio guides to help you through each step, as well as a section detailing the distinctive styles of individual artists, so you can get on the fast track to learning to play the bass like Flea, or drum like Dave Grohl.

With "Tune a Day" lessons, you'll get a comprehensive approach to learning saxophone, cello, clarinet, bass guitar, drums, violin, flute, trombone, or trumpet with tons of illustrations, audio guides and practice exercises. Building on an instrument instruction method introduced in the first "Tune a Day" books in the 1930s, these new online versions of the lessons will give you a solid foundation for playing each instrument.

Each lesson can be viewed on your computer immediately after purchase. Take a look at the whole catalog of new books, including lessons for harmonica and ukulele, or visit Yamaha's Online Services site for more information about Digital Lesson Books.