Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yamaha Disklaviers and More at the 2010 Newport Music Festival

The 42nd annual Newport Music Festival kicked off last weekend in Rhode Island and Yamaha, in its 23rd year as a festival sponsor, was more involved than ever. In addition to providing pianos and Disklaviers for many of the 65 concerts that will take place over the course of the two week long festival, Yamaha was there last weekend to document the performances, record them for additions to the catalog of Newport Pianosoft albums and, for the first time, broadcast video of performances live from Newport on the Yamaha Hub.

While live video broadcasts mean that anyone around the world had the ability to experience the Newport Festival this year in real time, Disklavier owners have been enjoying Newport performances on their instruments for years, through PianoSoft albums recorded during the festival. Performances from pianists like Hamish Milne and Piers Lane have been recorded on Yamaha Disklaviers and Newport over the years, then released as PianoSoft albums that will recreate the performances exactly on any Disklavier piano. You can see the full list of Newport albums available here. Yamaha Disklaviers were on hand again this year to record the action for future listening.

In addition covering the festival through live video and audio recordings, this year the Yamaha crew also took to Twitter to document their work behind the scenes, as well as highlight some of the technology that allowed the live broadcasts to happen. And, as you can tell from some of the more recent tweets, Yamaha's video crew are working hard to get the concert footage online at the Hub. While you're waiting for the Newport concerts to be released, you can check out tons of other videos featuring exclusive performances from Yamaha artists, instrument demonstrations, and more.

More information on the broadcasts can be found at Yamaha America's website, or check out the Newport Festival website for details about the festival.

- Doug