Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Spanish & Latin Styles For Your Keyboard

If you're a fan of Spanish and Latin music looking for the perfect accompaniments, or if you're new to Spanish and Latin music, but have been looking for the right styles to add some new flavor to your performances, the six styles just released by Yamaha Europe are exactly what you've been waiting for. The new styles cover specific Spanish and Latin musical styles, such as the jota, but are extremely flexible and can be used in a countless number of ways in your performances. Descriptions and samples of each new style are below, but even more Spanish and Latin styles have also been recently updated with new versions for a variety of Yamaha keyboards - make sure to check this post for a list of those styles.


The jota, a Spanish dance style in 3/4 time, features an accompaniment heavy on castanets and guitar, including the sort of tremolo playing often associated with flamenco.


This is the perfect style for playing muñeira, another style of Spanish folk music, which prominently features bagpipes and accordion in 4/4 time. Largely heard in the northern provinces of Spain, such as Galicia, the muñeira shows a definite Celtic influence that fans of Irish music will find very familiar.

New Paso

This style is an ingenious take on the march-like pasodoble that fuses the bass drum thump of dance and house music with the dramatic horns, guitar and castanets of traditional pasodoble.


A particular type of flamenco native to southern Spain, the sevillana is light, fun variety of flamenco. In this style you'll get wonderful classical guitar accompaniment, as well as the traditional "palmas" or flamenco handclaps.

Party Samba

Take the joyous whistles and syncopation of samba, add a European dance beat with synths and trance piano, and you've got a great recipe for a party in this new style.

Cumbia Argentina

A very modern take on the cumbia beat, with synth sounds right along side the more traditional horns, piano and latin percussion. For more on cumbia, take a look at this previous article.

In addition to these 6 new styles, 5 other styles, previously available only for the Tyros3, are now available in versions specifically designed for other keyboard models. Users of the Tyros2, Tyros, PSR keyboards, Clavinovas can now enjoy the Cha Cha Orch, Cumbia Nova, Gran Salsa, Pasodoble Band and Tango Argentino styles.

- Doug