Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reggae, Disco, and 20's Jazz in This Week's Premium Styles

Take a look at this week's new Premium Styles and you'll see three very different sounds, from three very different places and three very different eras with one thing in common - they're all unique but flexible styles that will sound great on your keyboard. From a smooth, light dance style with a feel that conjures up American 80's pop, to the Caribbean rhythms of reggae, to the unmistakable sound of 20's jazz, the new files will have your keyboard singing along in whatever key and whatever style you choose.

20's Swing 78rpm and Dirty Disco are new for the Tyros3, while the Pop Reggae style, previously only available for the Tyros3, is now available in versions for the Tyros2, CVP series Clavinovas and PSR keyboards.

20's Swing 78rpm - While there are a lot of jazz styles out there, both built in to Yamaha's keyboards and in the Premium Style library, this one has a number of unique aspects that set it apart from all the rest. The obvious difference is that specially applied DSP effects applied to the style recreate the 'crackles' and tone of an old vinyl record, simulating not what 20s jazz would have sounded like back then, but what it sounds like now on records from that era. Plus, this style accurately recreates the type of jazz being made back in the early days, with a minimal drum kit and small ensemble instrumentation. The video below should give you a good idea of the distinctive sound this style provides.

The new releases also give us a chance to enjoy two brand new demonstration videos from Martin Harris - keep reading for more new videos.

Dirty Disco - Set in the late 80's, this Style reproduces the evocative Disco groove of the era.

Pop Reggae - Originating from Jamaica in the late 1960’s reggae evolved into an important musical genre throughout the world. A characteristic of reggae music is accenting the off-beat creating a very laid back feel – and this Style is very laid back!

- Doug