Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jazz Trio & 80's Rock - Our Most Popular Premium Styles Now Available for Tyros3

Two of Yamaha's most popular Premium Styles are now available in new versions for the Tyros3. The 80's Pop Rock and Piano Slow Shuffle styles have been big hits with users of Yamaha's other workstation keyboards and Clavinovas, and will now sound better than ever on the Tyros3. With these two styles, you'll get distinctive but flexible accompaniments for pop-rock and jazz that will fit right in as accompaniments for cover songs, as well as provide great backing tracks for improvisations or new tunes.

Piano Slow Shuffle - A versatile jazz style with a traditional piano, bass and drums arrangement. With soft, brushed drumming and stand-up bass, the sounds and rhythms in this style give you a real authentic jazz combo feel. You can keep it a trio by adding piano melody lines, or make it a quartet with horns or woodwind voices.

80's Pop Rock - This style captures the sound of late 80’s popular Rock music and includes a new technology of the day, an electric guitar whose notes can be sustained indefinitely. Features a driving beat and atmospheric guitars that will make for a perfect accompaniment to anthemic 80s rock songs.

- Doug