Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PianoSoft Behind the Scenes: Judy, Judy, Judy!

Our resident PianoSoft insider, Cathy, is back with a profile of one of Yamaha's many wonderful PianoSoft artists, Judy Roberts.

I first met Judy Roberts somewhere around 1980 when she was a judge at the Yamaha Electone Festival. She was introduced to all of us as a great jazz pianist from Chicago, and she is certainly all that and more. The Chicago Tribune calls her "Chicago’s Favorite Jazz Woman" and she is known from Chicago to Singapore for her swinging, sensitive playing and sultry vocals.

As I write this, Judy is finishing a tour in Chicago and soon will be heading back to her new home base in Phoenix, Arizona where she performs frequently at popular venues. While in Chicago, she gave an interview and performed on ABC 7 News - you can check out the interview and performance here. Turn up your speakers to hear her play and sing!

Judy credits her late father with her early musical training. On Father’s Day, she wrote this on her Facebook page:

Happy Fathers Day! "Thank you" to my late-great Dad, guitarist/singer/arranger Bob Loewy, for teaching me hundreds of songs by the time I was eight, and making all of it such loving fun. What a wonderful father---you are always in my music and in my heart.

She and her Dad recorded a wonderful album together entitled, "My Heart Belongs to Daddy." You can check out all of her great CDs at her website.

There was no such thing as PianoSoft when we first met but Judy continued to judge the Electone festival and make instructional videos so fortunately, we stayed connected.

When we started building a PianoSoft library, Judy was one of the first people we invited to play. Lucky for us, she said yes and recorded her first PianoSoft collection called "Judy Roberts – The Richard Rodgers Songbook". Since then, she has made three PianoSoft Plus Audio CDs including a collaboration with her husband, and saxophonist extraordinaire, Greg Fishman.

On a personal note, I love the way she says my name, "Caaaathy", with at least one extra syllable. She is a musician’s musician, a sweet, unassuming person and a PianoSoft treasure.

- Cathy

Hot Bossa Nova and Cool Jazz: Two Great New PianoSoft Albums

With summer in full swing it's the perfect time to sit back, relax and enjoy some new PianoSoft music on your Yamaha instrument. Luckily, the two new cool jazz and bossa nova albums just released are a perfect fit for the summer scene. Jazz aficionados will be delighted by the fantastic playing and great song selection on "Cool Cunliffe - Great Jazz Solos", while "Beautiful Bossa" provides a full album of smooth, sultry songs to soundtrack your summer.

Cool Cunliffe - Great Jazz Solos

Bill Cunliffe has made a name for himself in the jazz world as a Grammy winning arranger, a renowned composer, and a respected educator, but on this new PianoSoft album, you can see where he really shines - as a performer. The solo piano renditions of classic jazz tunes on "Cool Cunliffe" give him a chance to show his true range as a pianist. From on breathtaking virtuosic runs on Bud Powell's "Clepoatra's Dream" to delicate takes on softer standards like "On Green Dolphin Street" and "Say It (Over and Over Again)", Cunliffe displays his mastery of the piano. The album, which also includes favorites from Sonny Rollins and Charlie Parker, will be a real treat to listen to on your Yamaha instrument.

Beautiful Bossa

If taking in some laid back latin music, played live on your Yamaha instrument, sounds like a perfect way to spend a warm summer evening, then this is the PianoSoft album you've been waiting for. Pianist and arranger Tom Zink captures the elegant, relaxed mood of a night on the beach on "Beautiful Bossa" while highlighting some of bossa nova's most iconic artists and composers, including Sérgio Mendes and Antonio Carlos Jobim. The album includes instrumental accompaniment, with drums, marimbas, strings, and more that provide a full bossa sound. Zink's piano work takes center stage throughout the album, however, offering breezy melodies that will certainly make your summer a little more tropical, no matter where you happen to be listening.

- Doug

Friday, June 25, 2010

Grandiosi saldi estivi – Risparmia il 20% questa settimana su Yamaha MusicSoft e Internet Direct Connection

L'estate è il periodo del relax e dell'assaporare la bellezza della vita e, dal momento che niente è più bello del suono della musica proveniente da una tastiera Yamaha, abbiamo pensato fosse il periodo giusto per rilassare i nostri prezzi e assicurare che tu avessi la possibilità di ottenere tutto ciò che ti serve per fare della bella musica in questa stagione. Sconti che si applicano a quasi tutti i prodotti su Yamaha MusicSoft e Internet Direct Connection da adesso al 5 luglio, puoi guardare in tutta tranquillità la nostra selezione di Digital Lesson Book, file musicali MIDI, stili di espansione, per trovare la cosa perfetta che ti aiuti a suonare nei caldi mesi a venire.

Con tutti questi prodotti scontati, questo è il momento giusto anche per collegarsi a Internet Direct Connection e iniziare a godere delle lezioni online Piano Radio, e altro ancora direttamente sul tuo strumento. Non esitare a contattarci nel caso in cui hai domande sui saldi, hai bisogno di aiuto con Internet Direct Connection o vuoi solo parlare! Inoltre, dai un'occhiata ai suggerimenti qui di seguito per trovare fantastici modi per imparare di più, suonare meglio e rendere il tempo che passi alla tua tastiera durante l'estate ancora più divertente.

* I saldi offrono il 20% di sconto su tutti i Pianosoft, file MIDI, stili, Digital Lesson Book, Premium Pack e Premium Voices su Yamaha MusicSoft, allo stesso modo di canzoni, stili, spartiti digitali, guide alle prestazioni e PianoSoft Music Finder+ su Internet Direct Connection e sul negozio musicale per Disklavier. I saldi vanno dal 25 giugno al 5 luglio alle ore 12 EST. Buon weekend!

Huge Summer Sale - Save 20% This Week at Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection

Summer is a time to relax and savor the sweet things in life, and since nothing is sweeter than the sound of music from a Yamaha keyboard, we thought it was a good time to relax our prices and make sure you have the chance to get everything you need to make beautiful music this season. With discounts running on nearly everything at Yamaha MusicSoftand Internet Direct Connection from now until July 5th, you have plenty of time to look through our selection of Digital Lesson Books, MIDI song files, expansion Styles to find the perfect thing to keep you playing through the warm months ahead.

There's also plenty of time to get connected to Internet Direct Connection and start enjoying Piano Radio, online lessons and more right on your instrument. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the sale, need help with Internet Direct Connection, or just want to talk! Also, make sure to check out our suggestions below to find great ways to learn more, play better, and make the time you spend with your keyboard more fun this summer.

* Sale offers a 20% discount on all PianoSoft, MIDI files, Styles, Digital Lesson Books, Premium Packs and Premium Voices at Yamaha MusicSoft, as well as all Songs, Styles, Digital Sheet Music, Music Finder+ Performance Guides and PianoSoft on Internet Direct Connection and the Disklavier Music Store. Sale runs from June 25th to 12am July 5th, EST.

- Doug

Grande promotion estivale – Économisez 20 % cette semaine sur Yamaha MusicSoft et Internet Direct Connection

L'été est la meilleure saison pour se détendre et profiter des petits plaisirs de la vie ; comme rien n'est plus agréable que le son de la musique de votre keyboard Yamaha, nous avons pensé que c'était le moment idéal pour baisser nos prix et faire en sorte que vous disposiez de tout ce qu'il vous faut pour faire de la bonne musique cette saison. Grâce aux remises dont bénéficient quasiment tous les articles sur Yamaha MusicSoft et Internet Direct Connection à partir d'aujourd'hui et jusqu'au 5 juillet, vous pouvez examiner tout à loisir notre nouvelle sélection de manuels d'apprentissage interactifs, de fichiers de morceaux MIDI, et de styles d'extension pour trouver l'article parfait et continuer de jouer pendant les chauds mois d'été.

Comme tout est en promotion, c'est également le moment idéal pour vous connecter à Internet Direct Connection et commencer à profiter de la radio pour piano, des leçons en ligne et bien plus, directement sur votre instrument. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez des questions sur les promotions, si vous avez besoin d'aide sur Internet Direct Connection, ou tout simplement si vous voulez discuter ! Assurez-vous également de consulter toutes nos suggestions ci-dessous pour trouver d'excellents moyens d'en apprendre davantage, d'améliorer votre jeu, et de vous divertir encore plus en jouant sur votre keyboard cet été.

* Remise de 20 % sur tout PianoSoft, les fichiers MIDI, les styles, les manuels d'apprentissage interactifs, les Premium Packs et les Premium Voices à l'adresse Yamaha MusicSoft, ainsi que sur tous les morceaux, styles, partitions, guides de performances Music Finder+ et PianoSoft sur Internet Direct Connection et le magasin de musique Disklavier. Cette promotion aura lieu du 25 juin au 5 juillet à 12 h 00, heure de la côte est. Passez un excellent week-end !

Gran oferta de verano: ahorre un 20% esta semana en Yamaha MusicSoft e Internet Direct Connection

El verano es una época para relajarse y saborear lo bueno de la vida. Y puesto que no hay nada mejor que el sonido de la música de un teclado Yamaha, nos pareció un buen momento para relajar nuestros precios y asegurarnos de que pueda conseguir todo lo necesario para producir una música maravillosa durante esta temporada. Con descuentos para casi todos los productos en Yamaha MusicSoft y Internet Direct Connection, hasta el 5 de julio, podrá echar un buen vistazo a nuestra selección de lecciones digitales, archivos de canción MIDI y estilos de expansión y encontrar justo lo que busca para tocar sin parar durante los cálidos meses que le esperan.

Con todas las ofertas, también es un momento perfecto para conectarse a Internet Direct Connection y empezar a disfrutar de Piano Radio, lecciones en línea y muchas cosas más, directamente en su instrumento. ¡No dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros si tiene preguntas sobre la oferta, necesita ayuda con Internet Direct Connection o sólo quiere hablar! Asegúrese también de revisar nuestras siguientes sugerencias para aprender más cosas, tocar mejor y disfrutar más del tiempo que pase con el teclado este verano.

* Un 20% de descuento en PianoSoft, archivos MIDI, estilos, lecciones digitales, Premium Packs y Premium Voices en Yamaha MusicSoft, así como canciones, estilos, partituras digitales, guías de interpretación de Music Finder+ y PianoSoft en Internet Direct Connection y la tienda de música de Disklavier. La oferta durará desde el 25 de junio hasta las 12:00 horas del 5 de julio, hora estándar del Este. ¡Disfrute del fin de semana!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jazz Trio & 80's Rock - Our Most Popular Premium Styles Now Available for Tyros3

Two of Yamaha's most popular Premium Styles are now available in new versions for the Tyros3. The 80's Pop Rock and Piano Slow Shuffle styles have been big hits with users of Yamaha's other workstation keyboards and Clavinovas, and will now sound better than ever on the Tyros3. With these two styles, you'll get distinctive but flexible accompaniments for pop-rock and jazz that will fit right in as accompaniments for cover songs, as well as provide great backing tracks for improvisations or new tunes.

Piano Slow Shuffle - A versatile jazz style with a traditional piano, bass and drums arrangement. With soft, brushed drumming and stand-up bass, the sounds and rhythms in this style give you a real authentic jazz combo feel. You can keep it a trio by adding piano melody lines, or make it a quartet with horns or woodwind voices.

80's Pop Rock - This style captures the sound of late 80’s popular Rock music and includes a new technology of the day, an electric guitar whose notes can be sustained indefinitely. Features a driving beat and atmospheric guitars that will make for a perfect accompaniment to anthemic 80s rock songs.

- Doug

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Online Keyboard Lessons For Beginners - Learn the Basics and Skip the Theory

With nearly 100 different keyboard lessons to choose from, there are Digital Lesson Books for players of all types, but there are some especially great lessons available for players who are just starting out on the keyboard. If you're new to the keyboard, and your goal is to start playing your favorite rock and pop songs as quickly as possible we've got three great new online lessons that will give you the skills you need to start playing either on your own or with a band in no time.

For those looking to learn how to play keyboard as part of a band as quickly as possible, the lessons from Berklee's "Instant Keyboard" book are perfect. Written by professors from the famed Berklee College of Music, the lessons cover only what you absolutely need to know to start forming chords and playing real music fast. Plus, with audio tracks featuring full songs played by a crack band of Berklee musicians you'll get a sense of what it's like to play along with a real band while you learn and practice.

Then, if you're ready to explore some more music theory and start working with right hand melodies, just move on up to the Fast Track Keyboard series. With the basics you've learned from "Instant Keyboard" it will be easy to pick up the new skills and ideas introduced in the Fast Track lessons. Each Fast Track lesson comes with audio guides, and will start to give you a deeper sense of how music works without slowing you down with tedious details about technique. Before long you'll be reading music and playing full songs with full right and left hand parts - you'll have all the skills you need to play with a band, or on your own.

If you're starting out on the keyboard, and your main goal is to start playing your favorite pop songs as quickly as possible, the Complete Keyboard Player series of Digital Lesson Books is the perfect way to get up and running. This series of three books covers all of the usual bases, helping your understand chords, notes and the basics of reading music. However, it won't waste time on teaching you the nuances of technique, or theory that you don't care about. It jumps right in to how to play popular songs like "Imagine", "Candle in the Wind" and "Clocks", along with detailed audio guides. The lessons also focus on using the accompaniment features on your keyboard that can make even your earliest performances sound great. This isn't a system for purists, and it won't turn you into a professional player, but after finishing the lessons in these three books, you'll have all the tools you need to impress audiences with popular piano hits.

All of these books, Berklee Instant Keyboard, Complete Keyboard Player and Fast Track Keyboard are available both as Digital Lesson Books, which you can view on your computer immediately after purchase, and as physical book and CD packs.

- Doug

Friday, June 11, 2010

New PianoSoft - Cole Porter, Rock Ballads & Classical Piano Solos

The three latest additions to the PianoSoft catalog cover three very different strains of piano music, but cover each of them beautifully. The piano is a classical instrument par excellence, so any mention of piano music would need to include an album of classical piano solos, such as this week's new "Best Loved Classics". On the pop/rock side, we have a collection of rock ballads lovingly arranged for solo piano. And finally, the realms of jazz, Broadway and standards are all covered by the familiar tunes of Cole Porter. Something for every listener, but also something for every piano.

"Let's Do It" - Songs of Cole Porter

Cole Porter was one of America's great songwriters, penning songs for some of the biggest musicals of the 30s and 40s, as well as creating memorable standards that are still widely sung and enjoyed today. This PianoSoft album features many of Porter's most beloved songs, including the playful "De-Lovely" and "Anything Goes", the romantic "In the Still of the Night" and "Every Time We Say Goodbye", as well as, of course, the title track. For this recording, pianist Sue Downs has not only arranged Porter's songs for solo piano but also plays them beautifully, with delicacy and subtle dynamics. Fans of lyrical jazz and the tin pin alley era of American songwriting will certainly find a lot to love in this new album.

"The Rose" - Great Rock Ballads

Rock ballads, which came into existence as many rock bands of the 70s expanded their sound to include slower, more dramatic material, have taken many forms over the years. On this particular album, pianist Joel Plimmer has created solo piano versions of some the most moving rock ballads, giving each of the songs a romantic and original performance. The selection of songs includes all types of rock ballads, from those that show the sensitive side of hard rock bands, the like Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", to those that borrow the intensity and fire of rock and roll, like Boston's "Amanda". With classics from Heart, Elton John and Mr. Mister also included, this new album is a definitive collection of ballads for your Yamaha instrument.

Best Loved Classics

A must have for lovers of classical piano. The album is heavy on early modern composers, with works from Debussy, Grieg, Tchaikovsky, Sindig and Elgar, but also includes works from the older masters Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms. Also present are two of the most popular solo piano pieces, "Ave Maria" by Schubert and "The Wild Rider" by Schumann. With so many different types of pieces from so many different eras on the album, pianist Bryan Pezzone navigates through a number of different styles, playing with studied tenderness on Brahms's famous "Lullaby" and with dramatic flair on Sindig's "Frühlingsrauschen".

- Doug

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bossa Nova, Disco, Football Styles and More In This Week's New Releases

This week's styles are all about movement, celebration and dancing. From two new Premium Styles featuring bossa nova and classic 70's disco, to new styles from Yamaha Europe with
soul inspired pop, feel-good Caribbean vibes, and straight ahead rock and roll, there are plenty of new rhythms that will keep you glued to your piano bench and keep listeners out of their seats.

The Piano Bossa, Swedish Dance, and Safri Dance styles are new for the Tyros3, while Satellite Beat, Hope Party and Soccer Shuffle Rock are available both in one version for the Tyros3 and another for all other style compatible Yamaha keyboards.

Soccer Shuffle Rock - Between horns, distorted guitars and heavy drums, this style has all the ingredients for a crowd pleasing rock anthem.

Hope Party - A pumping pop beat with synths and syncopated rhythms that give the style a vaguely Caribbean sound.

Safri Dance - A percussion heavy, latin influenced dance style full of synth effects.

Satellite Beat - A jerky pop beat with a bit of a new school soul sound. The instrumentation and rhythm are very flexible and will work equally well for modern R&B, hip hop, pop and soul.

The new Premium Style releases also give us a chance to enjoy two brand new demonstration videos from Martin Harris - take a look below.

Piano Bossa - Many popular "Latin" music tracks of the late 1960’s were influenced by Brazilian Pop music. This Style brings together Bossa Nova and Jazz producing a light and catchy groove.

Swedish Dance - Capturing the world famous sounds of 70’s Swedish Pop.

- Doug

Celebrate the 4th of July With the Songs of America Channel on Piano Radio

Along with barbeques, sparklers and waving flags, some good old fashioned American music is always a big part of any 4th of July celebration. And your Yamaha instrument has the perfect way to enjoy your midsummer festivities with music: the new Songs of America channel on Piano Radio will provide plenty of musical fireworks to accompany the real fireworks this 4th of July. From now through the beginning of July, the new channel will make for a delightful way to accompany your celebrations this summer, with piano renditions of all of your favorite American and patriotic songs.

On the Songs of America channel you can expect to hear traditional American songs like "My Country, 'Tis of Thee", as well as Americana and folk standards like "This Land Is My Land", and even iconic American songs like "New York, New York" and "California Dreamin'". To get a taste of the channel, listen to a couple of samples below:

Battle Hymn of the Republic [From "This Is My Country - Songs of America"

America - Leonard Bernstein [From "Selections from West Side Story"]

The Songs of America channel is just the latest addition to our channel lineup, which includes 16 other stations available around the clock and throughout the year. For anyone listening to radio on a CLP Clavinova or MODUS digital piano, the Songs of America channel is your new channel 17.

To try out the Songs of America channel now, first log in to Internet Direct Connection on your instrument and choose "Listen to Radio", or from a Disklavier Mark IV choose "Internet" from the main menu on your controller, then "Disklavier Radio".

On a Disklavier E3, you can listen to radio by pressing the "Internet" button on your remote, then choose "D-Radio". However, if you haven't created an account for Internet Direct Connection, you'll need to do that before subscribing to Piano Radio for your E3 - you can create your account here.

If you've never tried Piano Radio before, now's the perfect time. If you're not ready to subscribe and check out the Songs of America channel, that's fine.  Two free channels are available right now - all you need to do is get your keyboard online and you can be enjoying streaming music within seconds. Follow this guide for help with connecting to the internet, or head here if you're ready to subscribe. For more information on Yamaha's Piano Radio, visit our Online Services site.

- Doug

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Led Zeppelin, Meatloaf & More In This Week's New Songs

When you want to play along to a customizable recording, play around with musical arrangements, or especially when you want to learn the piano part to one of your favorite songs, MIDI files are just what the doctor ordered. And there's lots of piano to be played here - between the dramatic strains of Meatloaf's "I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)", to the jaunty groove of Led Zeppelin's "Fool in the Rain" to Supertramp's cool Wurlitzer, this week's new songs will have you playing along long into next week.

Fool in the Rain - Led Zeppelin

"Fool in the Rain" was a swan song for the band's original lineup, but today it is one of Zeppelin's most popular tunes and has become a classic rock radio staple. Unlike most of their guitar rock hits, such as "Stairway to Heaven" and "Ramble On", "Fool in the Rain" is based on a prominent piano line which will be tons of fun to learn on your keyboard. The song has a great groove, but don't let it hypnotize you too much, or the samba interlude in the middle will catch you by surprise.

I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) - Meatloaf

For MIDI file users looking for a summer epic to add some spice to their keyboard repertoire, "I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)" is a perfect choice - the music video for the song was even directed by Michael Bay. Written by Jim Steinman, who was responsible for all of the song's on Meatloaf's breakthrough record, "Bat Out of Hell" as well as Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" is an emotional and theatrical anthem that's great for karaoke, performance or play along. It'll use the full array of instrument sounds your keyboard has to offer, with strings, percussion, choirs (which would sound great with the Tyros3 Premium Choirs and Vocals), and of course, guitars. And what would an epic song like this be without a dramatic piano line to play along with?

The Logical Song - Supertramp

A little piece of pop-rock gold from the late 70's, "The Logical Song" combines a catchy melody, castanets, and a few excellent guitar riffs to form a great addition to your keyboards library. An electric piano part forms the backbone of the song - figure it out, then perform alongside the synthesizer and saxophone flourishes in this file.

On the Road Again - Willie Nelson

For those who like their country music fast, free and fun, this song has everything you could want. An ode to the life of the touring musician, Willie Nelson's vocals is joined by harmonica, slide guitar and a classic country-skiffle beat. Add your own keyboard part, and take your show on the road!

- Doug

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Celebrate the 2010 World Cup With Football Songs

Ready or not, it's almost time for the 2010 World Cup, which means you'd better prepare yourself for football frenzy and all the sing-along, shout-along and cry-along songs that come with it. The tournament kicks off on Friday June 11th with the first game between South Africa and Mexico, so put down that vuvuzela, head to your keyboard and start learning and playing along with your favorite football songs now!

You're bound to get caught up in the frenzy of the World Cup over the next month, and you'll definitely be hearing a lot of football related music, so why not make some of your own? At Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection, we have MIDI song versions of a variety of football anthems that will help you cheer on your team, or fill the half time breaks with cheers of a different sort.

We'll be releasing more football themed styles and songs next week as well, so be sure to check our the blog throughout the tournament for more updates. For now, take a look below for some of the most popular football songs no fan/keyboard player should be without during this year's tournament.

Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) - Shakira & Freshlyground

The official song for this year's World Cup comes from the Colombian singer Shakira and the South African band Freshlyground. The song, "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)", is sung in both English and Spanish, and is based on a traditional African soldiers' song named "Zangalewa". It features rousing, inspirational vocals alongside a variety of lively African rhythms.

Wavin' Flag - K'naan

Another song you're likely to hear a lot during this year's tournament, "Wavin' Flag" by the Somali-born singer K'naan captures the African spirit with a heavy pop beat and a reggae inspired singalong chorus.

Three Lions - The Lightning Seeds

Composed originally for the 1996 European Championships which were held in England, "Three Lions" chronicles the glories and tribulations of England's football teams since their World Cup win in 1966. Despite its obvious ties to English football, many other countries have adopted the song and it has become a universal football anthem.

You'll Never Walk Alone - Gerry & The Pacemakers

Though this emotional ballad was first written by Rogers and Hammerstein for the musical Carousel, "You'll Never Walk Alone" is best known today as a football song, popularized initially by fans of the Liverpool Football Club. Like "Three Lions", "You'll Never Walk Alone" has grown beyond its English roots and is now sung at football games the world over.

Gimme Hope Joachim - Basta (Eddy Grant)

Based on Eddy Grant's 80s hit "Gimme Hope Jo'anna", this acapella version includes new lyrics with a hilarious take on all of the teams in the tournament and words of support for the German national team, and their coach Joachim Löw.

Keep reading to see more great football songs for your keyboard.

Hey Baby - DJ Ötzi
This sing along became an unofficial anthem of World Cup 2002 and went to #1 in the UK, Japan, France and Australia. Choruses like this are hard to beat, and "Hey Baby" makes for perfect good-time music whether you're a football fan or just looking for fun.

Love Generation - Bob Sinclair
This uplifting song was featured widely in the 2006 World Cup in Germany, and was a top ten hit across Europe. With a driving beat and positive attitude, this song makes celebrating a victory even sweeter.

- Safri Duo
Also known as the "Bongo Song", "Played A Live" is a percussion heavy trance song that has been heard at countless football matches since it took Europe by storm in 2001.

The Final Countdown - Europe
With one of the most recognizable sythesizer riffs ever, this song set the scene for a dramatic performance either on the field or on stage.

We Are the Champions - Queen
For those fans lucky enough to see their team pull through with a victory, there's no song that sums up the feeling quite like this one.

Carnaval de Paris - Dario G
Samba de Janeiro - Bellini
Cup of Life - Ricky Martin
It's My Life - Bon Jovi
The Best - Tina Turner
Football Megamix - Football Is Coming Home, Go West, I Will Survive
Deutschlandlied - The German National Anthem
Go West - The Pet Shop Boys
Helele - Safri Duo
Vuvuzela - Gebroeders Ko

- Doug

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reggae, Disco, and 20's Jazz in This Week's Premium Styles

Take a look at this week's new Premium Styles and you'll see three very different sounds, from three very different places and three very different eras with one thing in common - they're all unique but flexible styles that will sound great on your keyboard. From a smooth, light dance style with a feel that conjures up American 80's pop, to the Caribbean rhythms of reggae, to the unmistakable sound of 20's jazz, the new files will have your keyboard singing along in whatever key and whatever style you choose.

20's Swing 78rpm and Dirty Disco are new for the Tyros3, while the Pop Reggae style, previously only available for the Tyros3, is now available in versions for the Tyros2, CVP series Clavinovas and PSR keyboards.

20's Swing 78rpm - While there are a lot of jazz styles out there, both built in to Yamaha's keyboards and in the Premium Style library, this one has a number of unique aspects that set it apart from all the rest. The obvious difference is that specially applied DSP effects applied to the style recreate the 'crackles' and tone of an old vinyl record, simulating not what 20s jazz would have sounded like back then, but what it sounds like now on records from that era. Plus, this style accurately recreates the type of jazz being made back in the early days, with a minimal drum kit and small ensemble instrumentation. The video below should give you a good idea of the distinctive sound this style provides.

The new releases also give us a chance to enjoy two brand new demonstration videos from Martin Harris - keep reading for more new videos.

Dirty Disco - Set in the late 80's, this Style reproduces the evocative Disco groove of the era.

Pop Reggae - Originating from Jamaica in the late 1960’s reggae evolved into an important musical genre throughout the world. A characteristic of reggae music is accenting the off-beat creating a very laid back feel – and this Style is very laid back!

- Doug