Friday, May 21, 2010

Tyros3 Premium Packs & Voices Reviewed by German Keyboard Magazine

Tyros3 Premium Packs and Voices have certainly found their way into the music being made by Tyros3 users around the world, as demonstrated by the outstanding performance videos we posted a few weeks back. But magazines and professional musicians have been raving about the expansion voices and packs as well, especially over in Europe.

Austrian Schlager star Jogl Brunner, who along with his brother Charly makes up the long running and highly successful Schlager group Brunner & Brunner, has been a Tyros user for years, and agreed to offer his impressions of the Premium Packs and Voices to Germany's "Tastenwelt" (Keyboard World) magazine. Though fans of the band, who have released 20 albums over their decade spanning career, will associate Jogl more with the guitar than the keyboard, he explains in the article how the Tyros helps him hone song ideas after coming up with them on guitar.

As a revered professional musician working with the Tyros3, Jogl was given the chance to be one of the first users of the Premium Packs and Voices, and his initial impressions, especially of the Choir and Vocals pack, were very positive:

"The new voices are so many of the sounds on the Tyros. Before now, nobody has heard choirs like this on a keyboard. I'm also especially happy that styles that work with the voices are included."

As an added bonus, Jogl also adds tips from his own experience about working with styles on the Tyros3. For Jogl, styles provide an inspiration to work from, which he then uses to expand on his original compositional ideas.

You can find the entire article in German here.

- Doug