Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Styles For Greek & Turkish Music, Plus 20 New Songs From Yamaha Europe

The music of Greece, Turkey and Balkans takes center stage with six new styles released this week on Yamaha MusicSoft. But that's not all! In addition to the new styles, Yamaha Europe has also created 20 new songs, including hits from all over Europe as well as familiar names like Elton John and Train.

All of the new styles are based on traditional musical and dance styles from around the Balkan region, and cover music that has made its way between Turkey and Greece over the years. Since many of these musical styles use very distinct and complex rhythms and time signatures, a normal pop or jazz style usually won't work at at all. This makes these styles a real necessary tool for anyone looking to use styles to play traditional Greek or Turkish music. Also, many of these styles use the Turkish drum kit available on many Yamaha keyboards in order to get the perfect percussion sounds for these styles of music.

If you're not familiar with Balkan music, or you don't think its for you, it's still definitely worth taking a listen to these styles. They're flexible, can be used for a number of genres, and will expand your music making possibilities into places you may not have even known existed! Check below for a more detailed look at each of the new styles.

Hasapiko & Hasaposerviko
These two styles are designed to be used with Greek and Turkish Hasapiko folk dances, with the Hasaposerviko representing a fast 4/4 version of the style, characterized by accented offbeats. The Hasapiko, on the other hand is a much more familiar 6/8 style with glockenspiel, strings and arpeggiated guitar chords that will fit equally well with Balkan folk music and standard pop.

A lively Greek folk dance in 7/8 that includes dulcimer accompaniment and intense and impressive runs on the clarinet.

A traditional dance style in 9/8, featuring a basic drum beat and backing from guitars, bass, and accordion. And don't let the strange meter scare you off from this style - think of it as a measure of 6/8 followed by a measure of 3/8, and the Kamilieriko instantly becomes a style that's fun, flexible, and easy to play with.

Tsifteteli (or Çiftetelli)
A dance of Turkish origin in 4/4. This style has a distinctive beat that emphasizes beat four, and includes backing from drum set, hand claps, and a litany of stringed instruments.

7/8 Greek
Another style perfect for the strong rhythms of Greek music, this one features prominent strings and fingerpicked guitar.

Of course, if MIDI songs are more up your alley, we've got those too. Check out the full list of twenty new songs, including favorites from Elton John and Wham! as well as a bunch of recent European hits.

New Styles

7/8 Greek

New Songs

Real Love - Mark Medlock
Geboren um zu leben - Unheilig
Don't Believe (DSDS 2010) - Mehrzad Marashi
What You're Proposing - Status Quo
Chattahoochee - Alan Jackson
Hey, Soul Sister - Train
Teardrops - Elton John & k.d. lang
How Deep Is Your Love - the Bee Gees
Miljonair (Belgium Schlager) - Christoff
Come On Let's Dance - Nic P.
In meinem Leben - Nena
Bee (Song for Oslo #3)- Lena Meyer-Landrut
Hello Dolly (Instrumental) - Herb Alpert
Neon Moon (New Country) - Brooks & Dunn
Ge Oss Ar Tillbaka (SE Country & Charts)- Christer Sjögren
Leef nu het kan (NL charts) - Jan Smit
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go - Wham!
Ta slepicka kropenata (Cecho Decho - CZ Folk Techno)- Maxim Turbulenc
Wie ein einsamer Wolf - Amigos
Radetzky Marsch (2 Vers., Trad. + Mod. Drums) - Johann Strauss

- Doug