Friday, May 28, 2010

Start of Summer Sale - Save 20% This Weekend

This weekend, you'll save 20% on new songs, styles, lessons and more for your keyboard at Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection. All downloads - including styles and songs - Digital Books and PianoSoft disks are on sale at Yamaha MusicSoft, and everything (except radio subscriptions) are 20% off at Internet Direct Connection until Tuesday, so you can head into the new season with tons of new music an save money at the same time!

Looking for something new to spark your musical creativity? We've got a couple of suggestions you might want to take a look at...

  • If you're looking for a new way to perform on your keyboard this weekend, some new styles could do just the trick. Each style gives you a number of rhythmic patterns you can control to accompany your playing, but the fun really starts when you start working with harmonies. By playing a single note or chord with your left hand, you can tell a style what harmony you want to play. The styles on your keyboard provide a wide range of musical possibilities, but if you can't find the perfect style in your keyboard you can always load new ones. Stock up this weekend on new styles while prices are low!
  • If you've never played around with MIDI songs on your keyboard, you're missing out on tons of fun, as well as a great way to learn! MIDI songs are not like normal songs that are just great for listening - with these songs you have total control over speed, instruments, pitch, and every other individual element of the music. You can edit a song to sound completely different, or you can make changes, such as slowing it down or removing certain parts, that will make it easier for you to learn to play the song. And you can always expand your keyboard with new songs - take advantage of this weekend's discount and try out new songs today!
  • Plus, don't forget to check out the new "Best Loved Classics" album released this week, featuring music from Beethoven, Debussy and Tchaikovsky.

Have a great weekend!

- Doug

*Sale provides a 20% discount on all PianoSoft downloads and disks, MIDI files, Styles, Premium Packs, Premium Voices, Music Finder Performance Guides, Digital Books and Digital Sheet Music at Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection. Sales ends 12am Tuesday June 2nd, EDT. Discount cannot be combined with other promotions.