Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Madonna In This Week's New MIDI Songs

This week's songs include more Madonna hits, as well as a legendary classic rock epic from Styx that will unlock your potential as a piano balladeer, synthesizer master and hard rocker all with one song.

Madonna - Borderline

The first of many top ten hits of Madonna's career, "Borderline" established her style as much more than disposable dance music. But, of course, "Borderline" is still an excellent dance song. With fun synth lines, and unmistakably catchy melody, this MIDI version of the song screams out to be played and sung along with.

Madonna - 4 Minutes

Madonna's biggest hit in recent years, "4 Minutes" updates her sound with production from Timbaland and vocal help from Justin Timberlake. With a hip-hop inspired modern pop beat, and a classic call-and-response melody, there's a lot to explore and play with in this MIDI track.

Madonna - Into the Groove

A funky and propulsive tune featuring Madonna's distinctive 80s sound, "Into the Groove" has the strong bass and rhythms you need keep a crowd dancing, as well as a great piano riff that adds some extra flavor. Though "Into the Groove" was mainly hit only on the dance charts in the US, it was Madonna's first #1 hit in the UK.

Styx - Come Sail Away

The piano line that opens "Come Sail Away" is tons of fun to play, and the beginning of the song makes for a perfect piano and voice sing along. However, as the songs gets going, it adds guitars, synthesizers and big classic rock drums that turn a simple pretty tune into a bombastic rock and roll jam. It even includes an extended classic spacey synthesizer breakdown in the middle. "Come Sail Away", a hit for Styx in 1977 and certified part of the classic rock canon, will certainly show the range and power of your Yamaha keyboard with its many instrumental and stylistic changes.

- Doug