Thursday, May 13, 2010

Madonna & Pink in This Week's New Songs

This week's new MIDI songs feature hits from two of the world's biggest female pop stars -
Madonna and Pink - that are sure to raise your keyboard's estrogen levels and get you playing, learning and performing some great girl power music.

Express Yourself - Madonna

A huge hit that first appeared on Madonna's "Like a Prayer" album in 1989, "Express Yourself" is one of her undisputed classics. With great dance beats that conjure images of both the 80's and 90's and one of Madonna's catchiest melodies, it's sure-fire way to get a party started with your keyboard. Plus, in addition to being an irresistible dance track, it's also one of Madonna's great female empowerment anthems in the same vein as "Material Girl".

Fans of Madonna will also be happy to hear that this is just the first of many Madonna songs we plan to add in the coming weeks.

Trouble - Pink

Pink has made her name with loud mouthed, hard rocking pop songs, and "Trouble" has everything you'd want from a Pink single: modern rock beats, distorted guitars, punk inspired sing-or-shout-along melodies, and tons of attitude. This MIDI version of "Trouble" is a great tool to use if you want to learn the song, and would also make a great accompaniment for your own keyboard or vocal performance. Or, with a little arranging magic, a slower tempo and a few instrument changes, you could easily turn "Trouble" into a ballad and change Pink's brash stance into something uniquely yours!

While these new songs certainly make for exciting additions to your keyboard's library, we also have a ton of new songs from Yamaha Europe on the site now. We'll have a full rundown of those new songs for you soon - make sure to check back next week!

- Doug