Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New PianoSoft Albums From the Everly Brothers & the Supremes

With two new PianoSoft albums released this week, you can bring two of the biggest vocal groups of the 60's to your keyboard or piano. On the new albums featuring the music of the
Everly Brothers and the Supremes, pianists Joel Plimmer and Jason Nyberg have taken great care in their arrangements make sure that the most important element of these songs - the unmistakable melodies and harmonies - come through.

Love Child - Supreme Songs of the Supremes ("You Can't Hurry Love")

The Supremes remain one of Motown's most successful acts, producing 12 number one hits in the US with a blend of undeniably catchy pop melodies and driving rhythms. With the legendary Diana Ross taking most of the band's lead vocals, they recorded such 60's classics as "Baby Love", "Where Did Our Love Go" and "Stop! In the Name of Love". For this collection Jason Nyberg has arranged those and ten more of their songs for solo piano, but you won't even notice that the Motown backbeat is missing. While playing up the Supremes' wonderful melodies and harmonies, he also keeps all of the songs moving with propulsive left hand rhythms.

Wake Up Little Susie - Hits of the Everly Brothers
("Wake Up Little Susie")

While their style was an inspiration to many rock, folk and country musicians that would follow them to fame, such as the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel, the music of the Everly Brothers remains some of the most memorable and moving of their era. Songs like "Wake Up Little Susie" are perfect combination of country's twang, pop's concise catchy melodies and rock's teenage longing, which you can hear in both the rhythms and lyrics. For this PianoSoft album, Joel Plimmer has arranged nine of their greatest hits for piano and MIDI accompaniment. Plimmer's arrangements put the Everly's vocal harmonies at the forefront in the piano alongside some unmistakable country guitars, while also adding some more variety and modern sounds - especially on "Devoted To You" and "It's All Over".

- Doug