Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Premium Styles - Latin, Country and 80's Sounds

This week's new Premium Styles expand your keyboard with new sounds for your country, electro-pop and latin songs. Old Country Pop, with a light shuffling rhythm and slide guitar, will sound great as an accompaniment to performances of upbeat country standards. 80's Sister Pop is full of great vintage synth sounds that, along with a great pop beat heavy on beats 2 and 4, will give you everything you need to conjure up the sound of the 80s. And finally, Cumbia Nortena adds Mexican latin flavor with horns, accordion and claves.

Old Country Pop and Cumbia Nortena are new for the Tyros3, while the 80's Sister Pop style, previously only available for the Tyros3, is now available in versions for the Tyros2, CVP series Clavinovas and PSR keyboards.

Cumbia Nortena - Cumbia music grew out of the African musical traditions brought by Spanish slaves in Colombia, and now is one of the most popular musical genres throughout Latin America. Using a variety of percussion, as well as melodic instruments ranging from guitar and according to flutes and horns, cumbia today has a very diverse sound. The norteƱa style of cumbia is one of cumbia's many regional variations, native to Mexico. This particular style file is great for modern cumbia performances, with drum set and claves for percussion, accordion and electric guitars playing harmony and rhythms, and horns on the melody line.

The new releases also give us a chance to enjoy two brand new demonstration videos from Martin Harris - take a look below.

Old Country Pop - Recreate the sound of Texan singer songwriters from the 1970’s.

80's Sister Pop - 80’s popular music was heavily influenced by the introduction of the synthesizer. Set in the mid-80’s this Style recreates the synthpop sound we all remember – and love!

All files are available on both Yamaha MusicSoft - Yamaha's official online store - and Internet Direct Connection - Yamaha's official "on-instrument" website. In addition to providing new songs, styles, lessons, and streaming radio for your instrument, Internet Direct Connection also offers a variety of free stuff such instrument setups and registration patches and two free radio channels. If you're new to Internet Direct Connection, you can get tons of information at our Online Services website.

- Doug