Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Premium Styles - Club Beats, 70's Broadway & Classic Pop

This week's new Premium Styles include something for everyone, and open up tons of new performance possibilities. Club Dance is aptly named - this one is for the club music fans, with a pumping electronic disco bassline, house music synths and great filter sweeps on the intro and outro sections.  70's Musical is a very flexible style, offering spare piano based accompaniment with some variations, and using full Broadway horn arrangements on others. 60's Pop Beat uses Yamaha's great guitar sounds to replicate an unmistakable, high energy 60's sound that you can use to play a wide range of songs.

Club Dance and 70's Musical are new for the Tyros3, while the 60's Pop Beat style, previously only available for the Tyros3, is now available in versions for the Tyros2, CVP series Clavinovas and PSR keyboards.

The new Tyros3 style releases also gives us a chance to enjoy two brand new demonstration videos from Martin Harris - take a look below.

Club Dance - This contemporary Dance Style is a mashup of 70’s and 80’s Disco together with modern American club vibes.

Keep reading for more videos!

70's Musical - Bring the theatre of 70’s American musicals to your keyboard.

60's Pop Beat - Nashville’s recording industry created a globally popular sound which is recreated in this Style thanks to MegaVoice technology and the power of DSP effects.

- Doug