Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Try Out Over 50 New Styles From Yamaha Europe

Last month we introduced hundreds of new songs from Yamaha's German Download Shop to Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection, and this month we are keeping the trend going with new styles.  Our friends at Yamaha Europe have been producing excellent styles for their keyboard players for years, and now players around the world can start enjoying them, too.

Pretty much any type of music you're interested in will covered by at least one of this week's new styles.  However, many of the new files cover traditional music styles, such as polkas, marches and waltzes, so if you're looking to venture out of the typical pop and rock repertoire, this is a great chance to give it shot.

You can, and should, take a look at all of the new available styles, but to get you started, here are samples of ten of our favorites:

Celebration Dance - A hard driving dance beat with house music synths.  A very flexible style for any electronic dance song.

Kelly Beat - A rock style with incredibly authentic sounding distorted guitars.

Robby Feel Beat - A smooth electronic beat with synth strings and a great reverbed, trancy piano sound.

Bohemian Waltz - With low brass carrying the bass, and horns and winds leading the harmonic accompaniment, this style provides the perfect accompaniment to a mid tempo waltz.

Mas Que Samba - A vibrant latin dance beat, lead by piano, complete with handclaps and claves.

5-8 Greek - You'll be hard pressed to find another style in 5-8, and this one sounds wonderful - complete with bouzouki!

Off Beat - Don't be confused by the name, this style is right on - a versatile pop beat with a disco feel.

Aprés Ski Polka - This style captures the particular modern European take on polka, with an electronic four-on-the-floor beat and accordion.

Blues Shuffle - An organ based blues style that will sound right at home playing any sort of upbeat pop.

But there's way more where that came from - keep reading for a full list of new styles.

New Styles From German Download Shop

5-8 Greek
8-Beat 1
Aprés Ski Polka
Baby Back Beat
Band Waltz
Big Band 1
Blue Grass 2
Blues Shuffle
Bohemian Waltz - Böhmischer Walzer
Broken Beat
Brunner Schlager
Celebration Dance
Disco Polo
Düyek Modern
Electro Club
Hello Shuffle (gehört bei Hello Again)
Kelly Beat
Klosterpop (Du schaffst mich)
Kornfeld Schlager
LaBamba Groove
Latina Negra (La Camisa Negra)
Lucky Groove (gehört bei "Lucky Day")
Marmor Rock (gehört bei Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht)
Mas Que Samba (Mas Que Nada)

Mendocino Pop (gehört bei Mendocino)
Million Ballad (gehört bei Aber Dich gibts nur einmal für mich)
Modern Pop Rock 1 (ehem. Cool)
Never Grass (No No Never)
Off Beat
Paloma Rumba (gehört bei La Paloma)
Poker Beat
Polo Polka
Polo Pop
Polo Waltz Oberek
Reggae Polo
Release Ballad (gehört bei Please Release Me)
Robby Feel Beat
Rock 'n Roll 8-Beat
Samba Rio
Spicy Beat
Sternen Fox
Stubnmusi 4-4
Tsamikos - Greek 3/4 Waltz
YMCA Disco (gehört bei Y.M.C.A.)

- Doug