Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New PianoSoft - Classic Instrumentals From The 50's and 60's

This week we're pleased to announce the latest addition to the PianoSoft Plus catalog, "Instrumental Greats", from pianist and arranger Jason Nyberg. A compilation of some of the most familiar melodies from the 50's and 60's, "Instrumental Greats" will be a welcome addition to the PianoSoft collection of oldies fans, and is an ideal choice for background music in any situation.

Though the songs on the album come from many different places - TV, movie soundtracks, jazz, rock novelty records, and classical pops - all of them became popular staples during the 50's and 60's by way of instrumental arrangements. They include tunes made famous by band leaders Percy Faith and Guy Lambardo, who created some of the most popular instrumental records of the era with their arrangements of movie themes, as well as surf-rock favorites from the Ventures and the Tornadoes. For an example of how Jason Nyberg translates this into PianoSoft, take a listen to a sample of the "Third Man Theme" below:

It was an era of beautiful melodies, lush orchestration and understated performance, and Jason Nyberg does a wonderful job of capturing the essence of each song. Combining his artful, precise piano work with MIDI accompaniments, he's created versions of the classics like "Theme from a Summer Place" and "Telstar" that rival the originals. From the jaunty playfulness of "the Syncopated Clock" to the drama of the theme from "Hawaii Five-O", Jason's arrangements capture a fun, nostalgic mood.

"Instrumental Greats" is now available on both Yamaha MusicSoft - Yamaha's official online store - and Internet Direct Connection - Yamaha's official "on-instrument" website. In addition to providing new songs, styles, lessons, and streaming radio for your instrument, Internet Direct Connection also offers a variety of free stuff such instrument setups and registration patches and two free radio channels. If you're new to Internet Direct Connection, you can get tons of information at our Online Services website.

- Doug