Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Expand Your Yamaha Keyboard For Free With Yamaha's Online Services - Songs, Setups, Sheet Music & More

Last week we laid out all of learning and playing possibilities our services open up on your instrument.  But, especially if you're a new Yamaha owner, it makes sense if you're not quite ready to shell out more cash to expand your keyboard quite yet.  Which is why today I'd like to introduce some of the many ways you can get new music and more for your keyboard absolutely free!

First, there's the Music Finder system. With Music Finder you can select the song you want to play, and your keyboard will automatically set up the correct voice and style settings to play the song perfectly. Though Music Finder comes as a built in feature on Yamaha's CVP series Clavinovas, PSR series keyboards and Tyros workstations, you can expand on the built in system with for free Music Finder+ records and the free Music Finder Standard Library.

The built in Music Finder library on the latest Yamaha keyboards contains only a hundred or so songs, but you can expand the library to its rightful size with the free Music Finder Standard Library, which contains thousands of additional records. In addition to providing a full library of Music Finder records, the Standard Library also includes the full original song name for each record. This will prove especially useful for users of older keyboards and Clavinovas, whose Music Finder record names may be encrypted. You can download the Standard Library from the Online Services website or from Internet Direct Connection (choose "Get Music", "Music Finder+", then "Download Standard Library").

Beyond the Standard Library, there are thousands of additional Music Finder records available through Music Finder+ on Internet Direct Connection, with more being released each month. If you need help connecting to Internet Direct Connection, please refer to the connection guide here, or contact customer support.

Keep reading for information on free songs, sheet music, lesson books and more for your Yamaha keyboard.

Music Finder records are great for providing guidance when you already know a song, but if you need to learn the notes first, we can help there, too. Digital sheet music from Digital Music Notebook is the best way to learn songs quickly and easily on your keyboard. For each song, you can print out a copy of the sheet music and, for songs marked as compatible with the Keyboard Sync feature, transfer a copy of the song to your keyboard in MIDI format. Most songs are $3.95, but there are a number of free songs available as well. Check out the full list of free songs here.

In the free downloads section of Digital Music Notebook, you'll notice a lot of lessons, as well as songs. Sections of many of the lesson books on Digital Music Notebook are also available free of charge, and can be printed out, or read, played and used through the free Digital Music Notebook player.

Of course, if you're more into expanding your keyboard's song library, either to play along with your favorite songs, learn new ones, or just enjoy the sound of your instrument, we have free trials of MIDI and PianoSoft songs available at the Online Services site. "House of the Rising Sun" will give you a taste of what you can expect from Yamaha's XG Song Library, while "The Entertainer" is a great example the wonderful music you can find in our PianoSoft catalog.

And, finally, if the idea of 24 hour a day streaming radio on your instrument appeals to you, there are always two free channels available from Yamaha's Piano Radio. To access the complimentary channel sampler, playing 30-second samples of the popular hits you'll hear on the rest of our channels, and the complimentary music channel, playing full-length versions of some of the great classics you'll find on subscription channels, just log in to Internet Direct Connection, and choose "Listen to Radio".

- Doug