Thursday, January 14, 2010

Save 20% On Tyros3 Premium Packs & Voices This Weekend

For this weekend only, you can drastically expand the capabilities of your Tyros3 with Premium Packs and Voices, and save money at the same time.

Until Tuesday, you can get the SA2 Trombone Voice, the SA2 Pan Flutes Voices, the Euro & US Organs Pack, and the Choir & Vocals Pack for 20% off the usual price.

The Choir and Vocal and Euro and US Organ Packs provide a full upgrade for your Tyros3 by adding new Voices, Premium Styles, One Touch Settings, Multi-Pads, registrations and demonstration songs, while the SA2 Trombone and Pan Flutes Premium Voices are new individual sounds that are perfectly balanced addition to your Tyros3's built-in factory content.

For a glimpse of the new musical possibilities these Voices and Packs can open up for you on your Tyros3, take a look at Martin Harris's demonstrational videos.

SA2 Trombone

Euro & US Organs

SA2 Pan Flutes

Choir & Vocals

Have a great weekend!

- Doug

*Sale provides a 20% discount on all Premium Pack and Voice products purchased at until 12am EST on Tuesday, January 19th.