Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hundreds of New European Songs Added - Carnival, Party Music & More

Over the course of the past few months, we've been working with one of our beloved partner sites, the Yamaha German Downloadshop, to expand our catalog of MIDI songs to include more hits from Germany, Eastern Europe and beyond. As a result, you can now browse a selection of 1500 European songs, available in various formats suited to Yamaha instruments, at Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection.

Since 1500 new songs cover everything from Czech folk music to current German pop hits, there's way too much to cover all in one post. Instead, today, we'll focus on a particular type of music that's especially popular in Europe this time of year - Carnival and Apres Ski party music!

From the name Apres Ski, you might assume that we're talking about winter sports, and not music. You'd be partly correct - "Apres Ski" means "after skiing" in French, and refers to the sort of activities that go on when you're done with the chill and exhilaration of the slopes. Usually, this means dancing, eating, drinking and celebration. In addition to giving Europe's skiers something to look forward to after a long day on the mountain, the spirit of celebration around Apres Ski also creates its own musical style characterized by catchy, simple melodies, fun, no nonsense instrumentation and funny, and often racy, lyrics.

This time of year also means the beginning of the Carnival, or Fasching, season. The anything goes party that is Carnival takes place in the weeks leading up to the Christian season of Lent. Carnival is celebrated around the world with parades, music, masquerades and general merriment and though the music of Carnival in Europe is definitely different than what you would hear at Brazil's Carnival celebrations, but the spirit is the same - fun, mischief and, above all, dancing.

Combining Apres Ski and Carnival, you end up with a party season that runs all through the winter, and a wonderful soundtrack to match. And, of course, we have tons of these songs available in MIDI format so you can dance along, play along, and sing along on your keyboard. Click for a list of some of the great Apres Ski and Carnival songs newly available in MIDI versions at Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection.

New European Party Songs

10 Meter Geh' - Chris Boettcher
Das Geht Ab (Wir Feiern die Ganze Nacht) - Frauenarzt / Manny Marc
Die Bunte Kuh - Markus Becker
Pretty Belinda / Schlauchboot - Chris Andrews / ToBee
Reiss die Hütte Ab - Mickie Krause
Kenn Nicht Deinen Namen, Ganz Egal - Peter Wackel / Michael Hirte
Das Schäferlied - Schäfer Heinrich
Der Eskimo Tanz - Axel Fischer

- Doug