Thursday, December 10, 2009

PianoSoft Behind the Scenes: And the Grammy Goes To...

Our resident PianoSoft insider, Cathy, is back again - this time to tell us about the special impact last week's Grammy nominations had on some of our PianoSoft artists.

A few days ago Jim Leahy (a Yamaha Content Research & Development engineer/editor/good friend) and I received an email from Tom Zink. Those of you who own any PianoSoft probably recognize Tom's name, since he has had a hand in producing a large percentage of the PianoSoft library as an artist, engineer, editor and QC specialist.

Tom's email said that he had something "unbelievable" to tell us. My first thought was that maybe Tom had gotten a new cat (OK, I have a one-track mind) and Jim thought maybe he'd won the lottery. Tom said that he would be calling us later in the day to explain, but Jim and I, being the nosy people we are, couldn't wait, so we called him.

The excellent news was that he was nominated for a Grammy Award! Tom has been nominated in the Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) category for his arrangement of "In the Still of the Night" on vocalist Anne Walsh's album, Pretty World. Tom arranged all of the songs on the album for Walsh, who is also Tom’s gorgeous and talented wife, and also played piano and keyboards on the album.

Jim and I both agreed that this was wonderful news but not "unbelievable", as we have known Tom and have been aware of his considerable talents for many years. We were originally introduced to Tom roughly twenty years ago (is that possible?) when he was engaged to record orchestral backgrounds for PianoSoft Plus concerto projects. We soon discovered Tom’s range of talents, which go beyond arranging and orchestrating to skills as a pianist, engineer, editor, MIDI developer and more. Tom has contributed a number of wonderful performances to the PianoSoft library over the years. He has also been very important on the production side of PianoSoft, serving as a member of the very small team of PianoSoft QC specialists, and producing and recording nearly all of the PianoSoft Plus Audio CDs at Ming Dynasty Studio, his very fine studio in Long Beach, CA

We offer our sincere congratulations to Tom, Anne and the ensemble for their nomination. Of course, Tom isn't the only PianoSoft artist that deserves congratulations. Several other PianoSoft artists also received Grammy Nominations this year:

Jim Brickman: Best New Age Album – Faith
Chick Corea: Best Jazz Instrumental Album, Individual or Group - Five Peace Band — Live
Bob Florence: Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album – Legendary
Bob Florence: Best Instrumental Composition – "Fluffy"

We are so pleased and honored to offer the performances of these gifted artists in our PianoSoft library. Without them there is no way Yamaha could maintain the high quality level of PianoSoft we all enjoy!

Check the links below to find PianoSoft albums from all of our Grammy nominated artists:

Tom Zink - Jim Brickman - Chick Corea - Bob Florence

Happy Holidays!!

- Cathy