Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Explore the Latest Yamaha Keyboards and Pianos with New Videos from Yamaha Europe

Thanks to five new videos from Yamaha Europe, you can now explore Yamaha's latest keyboards and pianos with informative explanations and beautiful demonstrations from Yamaha's own Bert Smorenburg, Michel Voncken and Joachim Wolf.

Watching these videos, it's impossible not to get excited about making music with Yamaha keyboards. For example, take a look at Bert Smorenberg's demonstration of the S70XS synthesizer. In only five minutes, Bert shows you everything this keyboard can do, from recording, to real time control of effects, to all of the amazing sounds you can use and create with the vocoder function, layering, and more.

In other new videos, Bert delves into all of the functions of the Disklaver E3 and Yamaha Silent Piano, explaining all of the amazing recording and playback features of these remarkable acoustic/electronic instruments. Joachim Wolf covers the newest Clavinovas, the CVP-500 series, in detail showcasing their amazing sound and features, and Michel Voncken investigates the PSR-S710 and S910.

All of the videos are also available with German narration from the official Yamaha YouTube channel.

Keep reading for videos covering the PSR-S710 and S910, the CVP 500 series, and Disklavier E3.

- Doug