Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Premium Styles Are In! New Rock & Pop Accompaniments For Your Keyboard

We come to you again this week with an announcement about Premium Styles.  There are two new styles available this week: Stairway Rock, which offers the chance to play some of classic rocks most epic anthems, and Swedish Pop, a necessary addition to any pop fan's style library.

As always, Martin Harris was more than happy to record some demos of the new styles, to show off their versatility and give you some idea of how you can use them to add new songs and sounds to your repertoire.

Stairway Rock - Complete with four very distinct variations, this style makes it easy to recreate the unique sound of the 1970’s English rock band.

Swedish Pop - In the 1970’s the sound of Swedish pop music rose to international acclaim, producing some of the world’s best selling records and hits that are still a fixture of radio playlists today. Relive the sound and the hits with this mid-tempo style.

With these two styles, we've completed our 2009 line of Premium Styles.   We've released 30 new Premium Styles on Yamaha MusicSoft and Internet Direct Connection this year - if you've missed any of them, such as Piano Slow Shuffle, 80's Xmas Pop , and 70's Country Pop, make sure to check them out.  Then, make sure to check back in January for another year full of new styles.

- Doug