Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Introducing the New Digital Music Notebook Version 3.0

It's been a while since we've had much news on the Digital Music Notebook front, which is why it's especially exciting to announce the new Digital Music Notebook player, version 3.0.  With the new version of the player you can still view and playback sheet music, add accompaniments to change the style of a song, export songs to your keyboard using Keyboard Sync, and do all the other things that Digital Music Notebook has always let you do.  And as always, the player is free to download.

But with version 3.0 of Digital Music Notebook, you can now customize your player view, navigate through songs more easily, and more. Check out all the new features and improvements in the latest Digital Music Notebook player:

New instrument specific Performance Modes
Keyboardists, Guitarists and Vocalists can now customize their own player view, complete with all the features they need to perform and learn a song.  Using the "Perform As" feature, you can now choose a performance mode specifically tailored to the instrument you play, giving you all the tools you need to learn and play right at your finger tips.

Easier to use interface
Playback, recording and mixing are simpler than ever.  Plus, each performance mode includes its own set of controls that make navigating through a song a breeze.
Purchase directly from the Digital Music Notebook website
There's no longer any need to start up the Digital Music Notebook player when you want to new sheet music.  Now, when you purchase songs on the website, the site automatically syncs with your player for a seamless download.

Windows 7 compatible
You can now use Digital Music Notebook on Microsoft's latest and greatest operating system.

- Doug