Thursday, November 5, 2009

Get an Early Jump on Holiday Music

Whether the holiday season brings to mind images of fun, family and togetherness or crowded shopping malls, overpriced gifts and stress (hopefully the former), there's no doubt that this special time of year is quickly approaching.  And though Halloween is still fresh in our memories and Thanksgiving is still weeks away, why not get an early start on thinking about the holidays?  If you're the type who looks forward to December all year, you can start cultivating the warm feeling of the holidays now, and if you're worried about the stress of holiday shopping, you can beat the rush and leave some time to enjoy all the good things about the season.

Either way, if you find yourself moved to start up your holiday music early this year, we're happy to provide suggestions to help you find a great gift for the music lover on your list, learn and perform your favorite holiday songs, or just enjoy the music of the season with your Yamaha instrument.

Keep reading for links to great holiday music and gift ideas.

PianoSoft - Bring the Songs of the Season to Your Piano

Piano music is perfectly suited to the holidays, and Yamaha's PianoSoft software brings professional, original piano performances of holiday music directly to your instrument.

Every season, the Christmas Carols album proves to be our most popular collection of holiday songs, featuring performances of "Silent Night", "Joy to the World" and other well known carols.  Disklavier owners can save a bundle on holiday PianoSoft with the Disklavier Christmas pack, which features 10 albums of carols and seasonal favorites for 20% off our usual price.

Plus, our extensive catalog of holiday PianoSoft is still growing - make sure to watch for two new holiday PianoSoft albums, which we'll be introducing next week!

MIDI Songs - Learn and Play Along on Your Keyboard

Whether you're looking for realistic, customizable backing tracks to accompany a holiday performance, a full audio guide for learning your favorite seasonal song, or just some great holiday music to play around with on your keyboard, look no further than our collection of holiday MIDI songs.

Also available are holiday themed Clavisoft book and disk packs, which give you the sheet music and MIDI files for songs so you can quickly and easily learn and perform them using allof your keyboards features such as Guide Lamps and the Guide Mode.

Take a look at our catalog of holiday songs, and start playing today.

Sheet Music - The Key to Breathtaking Holiday Performances

When learning or playing your favorite Christmas carols, there's nothing like having a good book of sheet music by your side.  Sheet music is available for all kinds of players at all skill levels - choose from EZ Play song books, fake books, as well as book and CD packs, all full of classic holiday songs.

We also have tons of holiday songs at Digital Music Notebook. With Digital Music Notebook it's easy to find the song you want to learn, print out the music for it, and then transfer a MIDI version of the song to your keyboard so you can listen and play along as you figure out the parts.  You'll be ready to put on a Christmas concert in no time.

Styles - Set Your Keyboard Up for a Festive Holiday

There's certainly not just one sound of the holiday season - the feeling of the holidays has been expressed well in jazz, rock and pop music as it has in classical music.  Whatever genre you choose to use to accompany your holiday season, we have style files that will help you and your keyboard achieve the perfect pitch.

We've even got special holiday styles like 80's Xmas Pop and Sleighbell Swing that will give you the perfect background accompaniment to all of your holiday performances.

Gift Ideas For the Music Lover

Musicians of all kinds are always after that next thing that will make their or help them or take their skills to the next level. We've got the musical gifts that will help them do just that - computer software to help them record their own music, accessories to make their musical lives easier and more enjoyable, or books and instructional material to help them unlock their inner talent. 

Try the FC4 sustain pedal, which you can add to a Yamaha keyboard for enhanced expressive possibilities, Finale Songwriter 2010, with all of the recording and notating capabilities you could ask for in an affordable software package, or the Play Piano Today Beginner's Pack - everything you need to get started on the piano or keyboard with a DVD, CD and lesson book.

Don't forget to keep checking the blog throughout the holiday season for tons of deals, exciting news, new products announcements.

- Doug