Friday, October 23, 2009

Yamaha Videos of the Week

We've seen a lot of Martin Harris's work with the Tyros3 and Premium Styles in the past few weeks, but he's lucky enough to get paid to play a Yamaha keyboard all day. What about all the Tyros3 players out there who play just for the love of the performance? With so many players making such marvelous use of the Tyros3 Premium Pack and Voices, we thought it was only fair to give them and their performances a chance to shine.

The first video features a great rendition of the Beach Boys' "California Girls", using the SurfShuffle style from the Choir and Vocals pack, as well some of the pack's vocal sounds in the intro. The melody also really shows off some of the Super Articulation features of the Tyros3's trumpet voices. The video also shows off an awesome Tyros3 screen customization.

Next we have a stellar example of how the SA2 Trombone voice can be used in a
soft latin jazz setting. The performance may be short but it's beautifully played and makes full use of the expressive capabilities of the trombone voice.

And lastly, we have something a little different - a video from this month's CEATEC electronics show in Chiba, Japan, where Yamaha unveiled two exciting new concepts.

The first is an iPhone app that lets you play a piano remotely from your phone. Up to ten different users can play the same piano at one time using this application. Obviously this creates some interesting possibilities for live performance, plus it looks pretty cool.

The second is a humanoid robot, the HRP-4C, that is capable of some very lifelike singing. Using technology from Yamaha's Vocaloid software, the robot can take requests from a remote device, such as an iPhone, then perform them in an almost eerily human way.

Thanks to RonsonDenmark and TyrosAndi for their videos, and thank you for watching. Have a great weekend!

- Doug