Friday, October 30, 2009

Yamaha Behind the Scenes: The Live Piano Concerts Channel - It’s Alive!

Earlier this week we announced the release of the "Live Piano Concerts" channel on Yamaha's Piano Radio. Today, we have our resident PianoSoft insider, Cathy, to give us details on what to expect from the channel.

The title of this post is a bit Halloween inspired but as excited as I am for Halloween, I'm even more excited to tell you about the new Piano Radio channel - "Live Piano Concerts."

As you may know, most PianoSoft is recorded in a studio then painstakingly edited by the team of Yamaha editors before it is released. Over the years, though, some live concerts, specifically those from the Newport Music Festival, have been captured on the Disklavier then edited in our studio to be sold as PianoSoft collections. You can find many fine examples of these performances in the Newport series at Yamaha MusicSoft.

However, there is a wealth of music from the Newport Music Festival that has never been released in a collection. There are also many other live performances that have been captured on Disklavier pianos the country that have not made their way to PianoSoft. For example, since 2002 Yamaha has partnered with the Piano e-Competition, which brings together world class pianists from across the globe to compete virtually through Disklavier technology. The finals of each competition are all recorded for posterity on the Disklavier. Plus, Yamaha Artist Services in New York City sponsors concerts in their own venue throughout the year, and occasionally these performances are captured live on the Disklavier.

Now you can have a front row seat and enjoy these live-as-they-happened concerts and competition performances right at home on your own instrument through the Live Piano Concerts channel. For the most part, these offerings are "untouched by human hands" in order to allow the listener to relive the experience of the live concert or competition exactly as it happened.

The channel features performances from acclaimed artists like Frederic Chiu, Bernadene Blaha, Kevin Fitz-Gerald, Mirian Conti, Piers Lane, Mei-Ting Sun and many others. The selection of performances is already impressive, but there is more to come, as we will be regularly adding music to the station.

If you haven’t tried the Piano Radio service yet, this is a great time to get started! There is a Complimentary Channel so you can try it out before you subscribe, but once you subscribe, you'll get access to many channels covering genres including Adult Contemporary, Pop, Standards, Spiritual and Worship, Country, Soundtracks, Broadway and others. Moreover, there are seasonal channels appropriate for holidays throughout the year.

Happy listening!

- Cathy

Update (1-19-10): The name our live piano performance channel has been changed to "Live Piano Concerts". The channel will continue to deliver the same great music as always.